Important addition to the Tone Mapping changes

last match 10v10
match before that 9v6
match before that 10v9
match before that 10v10
match before that 10v10

yeah game totally dead…[type]=general&Filter[nick]=Leandrokh&action=search


Then no one is talking, there are no tagging and probably this guy “leyyaur1123” and “jcun2593q” are not bots. So it’s a sensation of dead game…

Thanks for the clarification.

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those were bots. but you can clearly see that you even had 1 deserter replaced with actual human (numbering is from 0-19 for full match). 3 people deserted after match started and were replaced with bots (userid=0)

game has pretty shit players (like most f2p games) and sometimes they are even worse than bots.


I have to be honest with you, i have been around since like the start, you can tell when there’s people around and when there is nothing but blip blops.

I would love to be wrong and the feel of having matches full of players, or at least half the team are people talking and moving and doing stuff, could comeback.

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Don’t you love when ppl try to refute cold hard data proof, with nothing but their feelings? :laughing:

Like Rob said. Most players, are casual and f2p. Like I say often, we veterans are few.

Also, you cannot communicate with most ppl with a controller icon, as most don’t have keyboards to answer back…

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I think console people do not even see ingame chat messages


They don’t?

Any console player can confirm? Seems a bit crappy for you guys…

Yep they don’t, but they should see command wheel messages send by a PC player I thinks @WidowMakerUk73


Yes, yesterday I played a few more games with total silent people, but the expection of one game that one guy was on chat while playing.

I would love to believe the robhir data, but there are no official numbers and you need to perceive by chat how many “players” are there, usually 1 or 2.

Yes, we don’t get to see any game chat, which is both good n bad, saves me reading WTF WHY DONT YOU MARK? and BUILD A F RALLY NOW!

Eww nah second thoughts don’t need chat on console, Discord works fine :wink::guardsman:



Each time I called:
" enemy paras, look up"

Or “rallie behind barn west of cap”

All went to waste for half ppl in match :sweat_smile:


it is not my data. it is official data from replay site. lots of time i zone out and dont even check chat, so i can imagine casual players really dont care also.

I totally get it, but the in-game chat was more alive even before merge, people was split in a lot of campaigns and even there you had easily four to five people chatting.

I do understand that those are the “official” numbers and you are not pulling numbers out of your head, but are we really gonna suppose that people “do not care about chat” anymore, or that there are a lot of asians and Cyrillic players, and there is a language barrier?

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Try this exercise:

Goof around in chat. By that I don’t mean “mark, or ralliiiie”

Just goof. Like “The emperoruuuu smileru on usss!!” When playing Japanese

Or “mamamia taste 'a ma cannolis!” When driving an Italian tank.

Ppl usually join in the stupidity because it’s casual, armless, snd funny.

But they ignore the “build, mark” spam.

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Ok, did it, one guy said “half our team are bots” and there was another guy first playing tank.

Maybe I need to try a catchy phrase to lure chat, but yes, roughly 70% were brain mute people with no hands because there weren’t any console players, or…

Or simply really casual people, who don’t care much.

It’s the curse of being a vet: we KNOW how things work and what to do to win… we end up carrying and wonder why others aren’t up to our standards.

But they simply cannot, as they’re new, or just really casual.

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do you know how many battle majority of players play daily? this was captured in one week ~7 months ago.
out of those 176k players this is their distribution by battles played in a week
loads of players play couple of battles in a week

they dont care about game nor chat much.


This is depressive…
If we are going to play against bots, we might as well group up and have a happy PVE gang .

Just invite me to your team. I’m fed up with playing alone.


best thing is that majority of time you dont play against bots, but against player that are worse than bots.

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15vs15 could be a good start, at least more “players” in scene.

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