Imagine if #3 ( battles whitout borders)

Hello and welcome to My section in the forum “imagine if” where we are going to discuss if x thing is added, removed or reworked in the game

Today topic is the grey a little controversial topic as you migth know the grey zone is actually one of the biggest problems in the game or not? well, everybody has their own opinion so… Can the gameplay be better if we don´t have that?, play as a tank will be finally fair for everyone? , or the game will become: (who camp the the other team spawn first simulator)

i´ll waiting for your opinions below : )

also don´t forget to suggest me which will be the next topic in “imagine if #4

i remenber a topic like this a long time ago and the general consensus, it was removing it was a awfull idea cuz spamwkill,stomp matches, mines.etc… as for if playing tank would become better not really either cuz u just ¨grayzone¨ on a new level or get spamwkilled

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Im old fashioned, if you can make a play, you are in play… and should be fair game.

Greyzone camping is a cancer that needs to be removed.

It’s super exploitative and leads to an unfair advantage.

Certain maps would become unplayable, especially beach maps.

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you wouldn’t love to meet the americans face to face on the beaches?

or just spawncamping them at the fair sides with a tank and destroy every unsuspecting enemy ?

sounds like what half of this community really wants. ( or rather, loud individuals. can’t say per certain the ammount of players would actually really want that since… yeah good luck finding the number of players )

WT gameplay at it’s finest :ok_hand:
where it becomes a battle for spawns more than objectives.

WT at least is a bit harder.
Here you just need to walk/drive 200m to the left and do your shit.

is it though?

place an apc on the hills, or drive with the fastest tank and you will be able to kill pretty much anyone from the sides ( bt7s, pumas, m24s/m18 etc )

like, you only need to repell them once and then it’s a matter of who reach the others spawn with more forces as possible type of contest.

which, even a greater advantage to defenders since, who needs tickets anyway.

Oh yeah the hills. I was just thinking to place a mg or cannon to the side.

“best” part is, you failed once?

you can just continue to do it until the capture point gets capped, or attackets tickets ends.

but if you are a defender, even if a capture point is taken, you can just place rally points behind them and then “sandwitch” the attackers for the rest of the match,

it sure does sound fun.

It’s kind of a consequence of everything else though; map design, the layout of the “field of play”, which are part of the “pacing” set for the game by the devs/community/etc…

so i’m not sure how you’d fix it.

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No grey-zone = spawn camping


Easy. If you’re in a greyzone your shots don’t count. Just like it is when a side is retreating to the next sector. And if you leave the greyzone in a tank, you can’t retreat back into it and remain invulnerable.

Tanks should compliment an infantry advance, not sit back and provide off-map artillery support. Even more so if they’re invulnerable to attack.

Nobody is saying they should remove the greyzone. But greyzone camping because you can’t get hit is lame and also exploitative.

Even the smallest bomb (100 lbs) can take out top tier heavy tank. Honestly, I don’t get the complains of not being able to kill gray zone tanks. The earliest plane with bombs are found in BR I for each available nations.


Well. For a start most people do not have the luxury to have both, but have to pick one of them.

imagine tanks doing the job they were designed for and then being punished for it.

while i recognize that gray zone tanks can be a problem, solution is not to make them ineffective in gray zone, but to introduce more counters for them:

  • second vehicle slot for f2p players (so all players can have both tank and plane)
  • higher caliber AT guns for high BR (seems like it is planned)
  • better AT rocket launchers (for japan and USA)
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Some tanks can support infantry on the point directly. They have good armor + mg + canon

But, it’s impossible to use something like Dikermax (or other tank with open touret + no mg) directly close to enemy infantry .

At Last, Grey zone camper isn’t a problème if u and the other players mark his position and try to kill him with a plane.
Spoiler : it’ s easy to kill a Grey zone camper with a plane.

Yes, but that is a limitation of F2P accounts. From the various posts I’ve seen so far the arguments are in the nature of gray zone tank being unkillable, a statement where anyone who plays this game can verify as false.

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Have you tried killing one with explosives or AT round? Because they don’t count. Neither does mortar.

Not everyone flies planes either.

I really don’t get the defence of such an exploit. It IS an exploit. It gives an unfair advantage. It should not be in the game at all.