If and when cold war becomes apart of enlisted

I hope to see stuff from this video maybe in the game!

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No. This game goes cold war, I’m out. I’m here for the WW2 experience. (Wouldn’t mind if they added more WW1 though)


see ya then, cold war is inevitable.

Maybe in the far far future. There is still so much more ww2 to cover.


didn’t say they were going to add it right away, sense I said if and when. its never a bad idea to plan ahead.

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might be in the near future, veitnam is too famous to not pass up

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And you could kiss this game bye. Pretty sure people came for the WW2. Don’t speak for everyone though.

I Don’t know what you seeing? Lay off those drugs? Idk.

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2 master greys? wth

well personally i came for the gun so yea (beside i think enlisted have more unique gun than some game)

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I very much hope that doesn’t happen soon.

One of the reasons why I play this game is for the guns truly its so expansive


according to what i heard on twitch a streamer said developers are thinking about it, though take that with a grain of salt

yea especially since my country dont really support firearm (since some people decide to modified a bb gun into a real gun and cause “problem”) i have basically no hope of getting a real firearm (it a long process tbh but maybe one day i will do it maybe)

anyway i did learn a lot of new gun prototype thank to enlisted tho

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gaijin said they wouldn’t go past korea tech, nor would they add battleships into WT, so i believe they might be working on it when they do all the well known/key battles into thhe game

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Just another byproduct of today’s world. Not Slavic and not a woman lmao.

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ok lets get back on topic about cold war

Not until…

I get the truth!

anyway if cold war happen i will get my EM1 and EM2 and of course AK47