I thought we do not need to buy all 5 campains' appearance for our soilders

After all campain incorporated, I tried to select different campain of apperance. If I remeber it correctly, once you choose the campain of appearance for you team, your team will always dress the same in any campain map. But right now, you need to spend hundreds of green card on preparing all campains’ apperance for your team. It because soilder change their clothes in different campain map.

Did I remeber it wrong or they secretly changed it?

I think it has been after change that yes, every campaign has its own appearance. Real annoying and expensive to buy an appearance for every single soldier for every single campaign. :confused:


I dont buy cosmetics anymore because whatever I buy with appearance orders usually gets reverted because of some bug.

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Well, actually you don’t need to buy 6 different outfits for 6 campaings

This is my experience with BR5 germans which can get into 4 different campaigns (Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, Stalingrad, Berlin)

Here's proof

bought camo for normandy

default unchanged camo for berlin in hangar

actual camo in berlin match

Ya its fucked, I love playing barbie with soldiers but after the merge the system is so far and away expensive and retarded that I don’t bother to engage with it at all anymore. The only way I see myself using it is if they make it so when you buy an appearance it has infinite uses in that campaign, ie you buy a jacket for moscow you can use that appearance on anyone, any amount of times. And obviously increase the cost of buying items to reflect that.

Japanese Players:
I see this as a complete win.
China/Korea when?

How are you even going to outfit for a campaign when you don’t even know what map you are going to? Those heavy overcoats look funny in the tropics and shorts in Moscow winter… :rofl:

Only one campain for Japanese, no need to prepare a lot of apperances, true winner.