How to reduce custom map file size?

Hello all! The issue I am having is that my map’s file size is 5.67mb and I’ve heard it needs to be 3mb or less to be playable on custom maps. I’m seeking out help on how I can reduce that file size. I’ve tried deleting assets in the mod editor but it hasn’t reduced the file size. It is Pacific GuadalCanal map and my project is called “Operation Burning Ridge”.

Could someone please help explain what I can do to reduce my file size so it can be launched on custom maps? Thank you!


Use Build Mod VROM. He packing mod to file (mod_name).vromfs.bin

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Hi! There two ways how you can to do it:

  1. To not use NavMesh.
    You can remove file patch_nav_mesh that in userGameMods folder and in YourModName folder.
    Or just upload scene file in sandbox portal.

  2. Decrease patch_nav_mesh file size, but you will need to do some work.
    For that you will need to do:

2.1. In userGameMods folder and in YourModName folder you need to make copy scene file (you need do it for save your original map code and objects).

2.2. After that open your map in editor and remove/replace some objects:

  • Remove all decorations that don’t block bot paths.
    Like some platforms on ground or barrels. For example on this screenshot by Vik_2701:
    You need to remove these platforms. If you will not remove them then NavMesh file size will be bigger.

  • Replace many objects with one.
    For example this huge house with closed windows and doors:

    You can replace it with boxs:

    Why need to do it? Because these house may contains 3-4 floors.

    All these floors will contains NavMesh paths after that you will do rebuild NavMesh. As result more file size.

  • Remove and/or replace many objects with one.
    For example Kucho01 made map with mountains. First version were without navmesh, because it was so huge. But after some changes he was able to decrease NavMesh size to normal. How? He removed all objects in mountains and then put some roads.
    More examples or info here how you can decrease file size.
    Kucho01 mountains map.

2.3. Try to do rebuild NavMesh and check patch_nav_mesh file size. If you success decreased navMesh file size and folder with your mod contains size less then 10mb then you can replace file with copy that you made in 2.1.

About your map

(Currently time it’s possible to launch it in local game).

Well… In short i’m not sure what need to remove or edit, because I not able see navMesh.
Anyways I think that you need to do:

After that all you need to try rebuild navmesh.

He know how to work with it. He created this map.


Although it is not related to the theme, I would like to ask what are the rendinst names for the crater (as I saw in the picture). Thank you



hold on:

DEA; didn’t you stated that they solved this issue?

so… does that means that maps above the 3mb still creates issues inside custom matches?

I didn’t said that they fixed it. Only that you can upload mod in portal sandbox.

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ah, i see.

i’m comparing carrots with potatoes.
( error in translation from my part )

well that’s sad…

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Note that uploading the mission as VROMFS.BIN or in a plain scene.blk format makes no difference as it gets unpacked when you launch it. We cab help you more if you share your scene.blk file. @143415945

You should also focus on what the player can see. There is no need to place scenery where it is invisible.

Objects near playable area should have higher detailing, while background needs less detail overall.

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thank you for this post! I’ve just come back after 3 months to see what info was given. So I’m thinking of maybe trying out the first suggestion to see what that does. Nav_Mesh i believe is for AI Path finding so not sure if it’ll be a big problem. If not, I’ll have to try the second

yes so i’ve used the soil funnels and then expanded them with the help of some warping with the transform editor. It works alright

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Also wanted to add that my trouble with this would be that I cannot remove the trees in the greyzone because it would eliminate the immersion quality. Do you have any word of if the file size capacity will be improved to be above 3mb? That’s an insanely low amount considering that’s almost the size of some PNG files. Would really love to expand upon this map and make it a full map. The devs actually featured it in one of the recent change logs, which I was not aware they would do. Still cool

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Devs fixed it. So your map should work fine now.

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Hi! So I’m having an issue currently that I was hoping you’d be able to help me with. I’m trying to remove that one spawn point outside the map but it won’t let me. It’s for both the Team_narrator_pacific_allies_creator_respawn and it won’t let me move either location for the axis or Allies. I’ve tried deleting them and making new ones, but that’s not working either. It’s like they’re stuck permanently with the map itself whenever I open a new scene. Is it possible to disable auto spawn when a game starts to avoid this? If I can’t move it, I was hoping maybe I could disable the auto spawn so that people can do respawn_choosers. Obviously I’d prefer to move the team_narrator_creator_respawn

Your problem like here? How do respawn Base With Group On CapturePoint works?
Then you probably set wrong capzone__createRespawnBase property inside capture points?
Try set it to respawnBaseGroupActivator.

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Hi there!

So I’m starting my next map and I thought you’d be the best bet at getting help haha! I’m a bit frustrated, to put it mildly, with the terraforming command as it is so harsh and incredibly difficult to manipulate. Since it is so difficult to use from past experience, I’m trying to actually see if I cant make a map through the DagorEngine, the main engine Gaijin uses.

I cant find any videos though on how to download it and run it. I’m not a computer engineer or coder so I don’t exactly understand the execute commands very well. I was wondering if you or any helpers on this forum know how to get this engine downloaded and working? I believe this is what both WarThunder and Enlisted use… but I cant seem to get the open source code converted into an application. Any help would be appreciated!

You mean github open source DagorEngine? Well… I can’t tell much, because don’t know. It have instructions. Try to follow them. And maybe it will work :slight_smile: Maybe easier will be using prebuild version.

You currently time anyways unable use custom assets and levels on your mod. So maybe better to wait when devs will add this feature and let us to change them.

I’m trying to actually see if I cant make a map through the DagorEngine, the main engine Gaijin uses.

I am trying to do the same, but the short answer is: you cannot. While from what i have seen, you could create custom locations, the open sourced dagor editor has no enlisted assets, we need the devs to release an actual EnlistedCDK like WT.

Currently it’s possible to load level geometry without textures. In this case this is the sample island with deleted heightmap (thats why its flat) but water heightmap intact. There is ground, thats not water.

I cant seem to get the open source code converted into an application

There are built projects here:

Release Build 2023/11/27 (Engine, Samples and Tools) · GaijinEntertainment/DagorEngine · GitHub)

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Much appreciated! Yeah it’s really just because of the horrible terraforming tool. Otherwise I think i’m mostly find with the prebuild version.

thanks for this! Yeah I will see about trying this out. I really just wanted to make terrain and then see if I couldnt import that on over to the prebuild version since the terraformer is bad.