How to allow players to spawn on teammates

I am creating a new zombie map, which is way bigger than the one i made before. And i want to allow players to revive on top of their teammates (i made the players killable in order to cope with AFK player issue and this became the unique feature of my maps)

I have seen the exact same thing from a modern conflict mod last year but I didn’t save it(as I knew nothing about mod editor back then, not even its existence), and as a result, it is lost.

Just create bots_squad_spawner and enable bots_ai_spawner__botAutoSquad:b=yes, and set AI player population to 0.Please note that the number of AI players will always match the number in the bot spawner.Or something like this without the spawner, but you need to check


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Both of them don’t work in my map
Players are not grouped into squad

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But there are no squads formed. Would it work?

Nope! So it is kind of impossible

maybe i can attach a spawn with some sort of code like attaching custom markers onto zombies?
Anyone can help?

interesting, but sqaddmate starts automatically when you select one player and only bots can spawn on players

did you enable bots_squad_spawner?


My zombie map cant have bots btw

Yes, I just checked this myself, since my servers have now stopped starting again and I can’t check online, I can only assume: either bots_spawner and add_spawner spawn together, or the zombie mode interferes with the spawner’s work.In non-zombie mode everything works as it should

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Testing for a work around. This is quite a stupid idea but it might work


      relativeTm:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [0,0,0]]
      nodeName:t="Bip01 Head"
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And i cannot test it because servers are f-ing broken again

You need selectable respawn points, but not random?

Easiest way to add it just use Lone Fighters game mode, but they will not selectable and random if you didn’t select any respawn points.

If you want use squads gamemode with LF respawn feature then easiest way is create add_spawn_on_squadmates entity or add extends/use spawn_on_friends on soldiers.

Editor? Local game?

let me try

Multiplayer custom mod server. Because it is broken once again. Mods wont start

I see. I meant that you can test such almost common things in editor or in local game.

Yes but it working in editor might not represent that it works in multiplayer
Besides, i cant spawn bots so i cant test. The bot spawner is broken with incorrect armies somehow. Maybe the merge broke it

Hmmm… Everything looks fine for me. Do you use custom bot profile? Or change team__armies property?

UPD: Ah… I see… zombie_spawn_mode is seperate team and game will try to add there bots.

let me get you the error message. (it might be problem with zombie mode that team 3 exists but it would, theoretically, throw error and continue)

Well… You can add armies in zombie_spawn_mode. Code will be looks something like it: