How to allow players to spawn on teammates

Oh ok. But its just for testing purposes because bots are not needed in actual mode

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Added also this. Because else it spam with loggers/error messages.

i have it added before already because the error came up. I set it to b=no though

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Ok it worked again now

This does not work for my map tho

It’s random and only if you didn’t select any respawn points. On your screen you select one of points. You can made hidden respawn points (without respawnChooser).

I want both the base respawn points at map edge as well as ones on top of players that you can choose from

Well… Oh. Got some ideas. You probably need use/extends apc_settings on soldiers entities.

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Let me try tomorrow, its 9pm now gotta sleep soon

if you bind chooser_respawn and the team number to base_soldier, maybe it will work,it worked with the technology

Code here, idk if it works or not


      relativeTm:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [0,0,0]]
      nodeName:t="Bip01 Head"
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Try, I suggested adding the usual chooser respawn to usa_base _soldier, where the selected respawn should move along with the players; if players die, they will automatically go into the state of dead entities and, accordingly, the respawn should disappear. Well, this is a theory that worked with technology, I myself now I’m not on the computer and I can’t check it.

This code of mine already have respawn_chooser on it so it will give error if i add it. Also it already move with player as it is attached to Bip01 Head