How about T33 Tank (US) FT(flamethrower tank) and 2 German FT

Now that enlisted is “alternate universe WW2” or in Warthunder way a “what if” realm (evidence: Ho-Ri and reverse D-Day)

any proto and wood tank can be added (as long as it was “made” in WW2 [no paper tank for now {that I know of}]) so this FT is pretty reasonable it should be br4 considering that it uses jumbo hull and was considered “the ultimate US flamethrower of World War Two” so it should be fold just like Stuart FT.

I didn’t suggest this in my flamethrower tank suggestion, so this is new.

I assume this is how you link to another topic (since I never used it before)
How about more flame tank for each faction?

Oh, and German will get Hetzer (FT) before the normal one of course and a bonus for parrot German team.
tbh i didn’t know this thing exist until i made this topic


Another German Flamethrower that can be added is Panzerkampfwagen III (flamm) which saw extensive use in North africa


yea was thinking of putting that here but i went with hetzer since it gonna take like year before they got added (we probably gonna get the flame version first)

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i am surprised they haven’t added flammenpanzer 3 and the OT-34 yet


i think it was italy not africa and eastern front

I checked it and it appears both of us are wrong Flampanzer 1 was used in north Africa and flampanzer III was used in eastern front there are pictures of it
Flammpanzer III 651 of the 6.Panzer Division Kursk July 1943