⭐ High Caliber update

Meet High Caliber! This update brings a new type of weapon to Enlisted: large-caliber machine guns — 12.7mm of pure terror for infantry, aviation and even lightly armored vehicles. You’ll be able to use them with all machine gunner squads of any army and in any campaign!

The Battle of Stalingrad has a new front — the huge Stalingrad Tractor Plant is now available as a new battlefield for this campaign! The hot melting furnaces, hundreds of metres of production lines and the winter that hit in full force are still very much present. Tractors from yesterday — tanks from today!

Phosphorus grenades have now been added to the Invasion of Normandy and Battle of Tunisia campaigns, and remote explosives and bomber airstrikes are now also available in all campaigns. Now it’s your turn to try these weapons and mechanics wherever you like!

Tankers now have smoke shells and defensive smoke charges for their tanks, and mortarmen are also now equipped with smoke rounds to cover allied maneuvers — keep your advances hidden, or retreat for repairs under the cover of smoke.

In Moscow, Normandy, and Berlin, customization for your soldiers is now available, the replay mechanic has a built-in mechanism for recording video and creating high resolution screenshots — along with dozens of other improvements in the High Caliber update.


  • A new type of weapon has been added: heavy machine guns — these are stationary weapons that can be unlocked in the upgrade tree of any machine gunner squad. A heavy machine gun is installed by an engineer in any given machine gunner squad.
  • For premium machine gunner squads without engineers, the ability to add a soldier of this class to the squad has been added.
  • Improved mechanism for mounting weapons on bipods or against supports.
  • New weapons:
    • Fedorov Machine Gun (USSR, Battle of Moscow)
    • MG 42 — early version (Germany, Battle of Moscow)
    • RD-44 (USSR, Battle of Berlin)
    • MG 15 (Germany, Battle for Berlin)
    • ERMA EMP 36 (Germany, Battle of Tunisia)
    • Owen Mk 1 (UK, Battle of Tunisia)
    • Winchester G30M (USA, Pacific War)
    • Type Ko rifle (Japan, Pacific War)
    • SIG 1920 (Japan, Pacific War)
    • Type-4 anti-tank grenade launcher (Japan, Pacific War)
  • Added No. 77 and SRCM Mod. 35FI phosphorus grenades in the Invasion of Normandy and Battle of Tunisia campaigns.
  • The soldier customization mechanic is now available in all campaigns except the Battle of Tunisia. You can purchase clothing items in the card of specific squad soldiers.
  • New knife models for USA, Germany, Italy, Britain and Japan.
  • New axe models for Britain, Germany, Italy, USSR, USA and Japan.
  • Added new models of vehicle repair kits for British, German, Italian, U.S. and Japanese soldiers.
  • Updated the Type-97 anti-tank rifle model for an authentic one.
  • The model of the Japanese radio has been updated to an authentic one.
  • The PPD-34/38 (box) version has been replaced by the PPD-34 with an updated model.
  • BM-41 and GrW 42 heavy mortars — average flight time of projectiles has been reduced. They now reach the target faster.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the BM-41 and GrW 42 heavy mortars against vehicles by increasing armor penetration.
  • Ammunition for the BM-41 and GrW 42 heavy mortars is now the same as regular mortars, giving them 10 shells of each type.
  • Added AI bomber airstrikes in all campaigns. This mechanic is available to radio operators with the relevant squad upgrade.
  • Increased the interval time between calling in AI bomber strikes for radio operators
  • Reduced the structural strength of AI bombers called by the radio operator. Corrected the belts of AI bomber gunners — the number of tracer rounds has been increased.
  • Added the ability to equip U.S. tankers with the M1E5 Garand rifle.
  • Characteristics of upgrade levels for the Mkb 42 H sniper version are now matched to those of the regular version.
  • Winchester 1895 — rate of fire increased from 57 to 66 rpm.
  • Smoke projectiles have been added for all mortars. You can switch to them at any time by pressing R by default.
  • Reduced the cool down time for the following stationary machine guns:
    • MG 42 — from 34 to 16.7 seconds.
    • MG 34 — from 30 to 13 seconds.
    • Maxim machine gun — from 35 to 11 seconds.
    • Browning M1919A4 — 40 to 10 seconds.
    • Type 92 HMG — 30 to 8 seconds.


  • New vehicles:
    • T-34 (1941) (USSR, Battle of Moscow)
    • Pz.IV Ausf.F2 (Germany, Battle of Moscow)
    • M18 Hellcat (USA, Invasion of Normandy)
    • Panzer IV/70(V) (Germany, Invasion of Normandy)
    • A-20G-25 (USA, Battle of Tunisia)
    • G.55 (Axis, Battle of Tunisia)
    • M3A1 with flamethrower (USA, Pacific War)
    • Type 2 Ka-Mi (Japan, Pacific War)
  • Added smoke shells for tanks that could fire them.
  • Added smoke mortars and grenade launchers for tanks that used them.
  • Now pilot’s hands are correctly placed on the controls of aircraft in all campaigns.
  • Improved the visuals of most aircraft (metal shine, reflections etc.).
  • The following tank models have been updated: T-60, IS-1, IS-2 (1943).
  • Tank shells can now ricochet on the ground and other objects, the ricochet chance depends on the projectile’s angle of impact with any given object, as well as the material of the object.
  • Added ricochets from walls, the ground and other objects for tank shells above the caliber of 45mm.
  • The exhausts of vehicles with damaged engines will now have a different effect to undamaged engines.
  • The air brake is now automatically turned off after repairing an aircraft on a carrier.


  • Added new missions Tractor Plant (Confrontation), Tractor Plant (Destruction), Tractor Plant East (Invasion), Tractor Plant West (Invasion) to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Added the new mission Birch Grove East (Invasion) to the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Added the new mission Gare de Saint-Lo (Destruction) to the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added the new mission The Reich Chancellery (Invasion) to the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Added the new mission Al Jabal Farm (Confrontation) to the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added the new mission Alligator Creek North (Invasion) to the Pacific War campaign.
  • Modern gabion fortifications on Pacific maps have been replaced with their historical period versions.


  • Added new sprint animations with several variations.
  • New holding postures have been added for various weapons of Japan and the USA for soldiers on the main screen.
  • Added music themes when the battle starts. These can be turned off in the game settings.
  • Added a unique sound for headshot kills. This can be turned off in the game settings.
  • Added progress sound effects when capturing points.
  • RMN-50 — new reloading sounds have been added.
  • Browning Auto 5 — new firing sounds have been added.


  • Improved the length of the flamethrower effect when firing it into a wall. This fix should solve the issue of flamethrowers damaging soldiers behind solid objects.
  • Added new effects for aircraft damage, vehicle explosions, engine exhausts, and rocket smoke tails.
  • Different visual effects will now be displayed when a projectile penetrates or fails to penetrate tank armor.
  • Added ricochet effects for small and large caliber rounds.
  • The visual effect from explosions is now played when a shell hits a soldier.
  • Added new fire effects of various sizes.
  • Added smoke effects for grenades and smoke shells.
  • Added a new effect for smoke from vehicle exhausts.
  • Added ripples for bullets hitting water.
  • Added effects of bombs exploding on water.
  • Added effects for grenades and explosive packs detonating under water.
  • Added effects for aircraft crashing into water.
  • Added a new effect for artillery impacts.
  • Added the effect of mud flying out from under the wheels of wheeled vehicles.
  • Added a new balloon explosion effect.


  • In replays, you can now change the speed of the camera with the mouse wheel.
  • You can now adjust the smoothness of free camera rotation in replays.
  • The FOV of aircraft and ground vehicles in replays now have independent settings.
  • Added a button in the replay menu which opens the folder with your custom replay files on your PC.
  • The ability to hide certain visual effects in cinematic mode in replays has been added.
  • When you download a replay, the size is now shown in its compressed form.


  • Improved radial shortcut menu:
    • (PC) By default, the menu is called up by pressing the button once. You do not need to hold the button like on consoles.
    • Radial menu items now retain their selection when hovering over with the cursor or mouse pointer. This allows you to select a menu element with just a short stick movement instead of holding it.
    • (PC) Behavior selection menu items no longer select a specific soldier when clicked.
  • Improved controls for starting a charge with a melee weapon. Actions have been split into short (hit) and long (charge) actions.
  • The destruction and repair of constructions was limited to switch action on gamepads, now it is not necessary to hold the button down.
  • Switched the use of medkits and flasks by tapping on gamepads instead of holding down the button.
  • Changed the key to exit vehicles without a squad to J on PC. Fixed G for firing smoke mortars.


  • Improved the save mechanics for sandboxes.
  • Added the possibility to set RI without collision.


  • Added the ability to restrict all allies, except squad members, from getting into your vehicles.
  • Added the ability to pick up your previously thrown dynamite sticks.
  • Added the ability to resupply neutral aircraft at their team’s resupply point.
  • AI-soldiers will now try to avoid gas clouds from burning phosphorus grenades.
  • Reduced the time required to switch from grenades to other weapons.
  • Added the ability to assign a button in the settings menu to quickly throw a phosphorus grenade.
  • Now when an aircraft loses a wing, all of the weaponry attached to the torn off section is inoperable.
  • Several explosive types of tank shells now detonate on water.
  • Impact grenades are now triggered by water.
  • Blast damage has been added to the description of grenade launchers.
  • Kills from grenade launchers and the RMN-50 are counted as grenade kills (previously these were counted as anti-tank kills).
  • New players can now skip training by switching to another mode.
  • Now if a medic has the skill “+200% health restored when healing allies” when calculating rewards for treatment the amount of restored health is taken into account, and the more gravely an ally is wounded, the more points you get.
  • After the battle in the debriefing menu, new personal achievements will be displayed: artillery kills, Ampulomet kills and TNT kills.
  • Kills from all kinds of explosive weapons (grenades, TNT, mines of all types, etc.) are now counted when the Battle Hero is awarded in the “The Grenade Master” specialisation.
  • Added a hint that appears when a player looks at an enemy ammo box.
  • Added the player’s rank to their portrait when receiving a best soldier award in battle.
  • Added a warning for when a soldier is allocated a weapon they cannot equip, and the subsequent blocking of sending such a soldier into combat.
  • Added messages and hints for when a player tries to board a damaged aircraft.
  • Added the function to fill up empty but required slots in a soldiers inventory to the automatic equipment button.
  • Now when aiming, free look mode will be disabled.
  • Mines are now no longer displayed when the commander is out of the hatch.
  • Removed ability to build on aircraft carriers.
  • Improved water reflections when viewed from an aircraft cockpit.
  • In the Battle of Tunisia campaign, the haze effect in the distance has been improved.
  • Global lighting on low settings has been improved.
  • Improved indoor fog.
  • Increased the draw distance of fog without the “in the distance” fog setting.
  • New tank targets added to practice mode.


  • Fixed a bug where some aircraft while flying straight could drift sideway.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a projectile to visually fly through a mortar when fired.
  • Fixed a bug that caused decals and decorators to not appear in the main menu.
  • Fixed long loading times in the campaign menu (this was especially noticeable on consoles).
  • Fixed the engineers’ ability to equip weapons they can no longer use.
  • Fixed the display of premium engineers being allowed to equip machine guns (they aren’t; only machine gunners are).
  • Grenade launchers will be given to all players who bought the Pacific War: Special Landing Forces expansion pack, and to those who did not receive grenade launchers as a reward for army levels.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all vehicles in battle to be repaired when fixing an aircraft on an aircraft carrier.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effect of a round penetration to not be displayed
  • Fixed an error that led to no ricochet effects on vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player to see themself on the map as an ally of their group with a number icon and the incorrect color of their squad’s soldiers when switching soldiers.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the replay list to not reload after downloading.
  • Fixed bug which caused grenades to not disappear from a soldier’s hand while using other items (e.g. during healing).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the entire squad of a soldier to be teleported to this soldier if they landed with a parachute.
  • Fixed a bug which caused binoculars to not work properly on rare occasions after switching weapons with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused torn aircraft parts to be displayed incorrectly after repairing.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused ADS mode to be automatically activated after switching to another squad member when a soldier died while aiming.
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes play the swimming animation of a soldier sitting in a vehicle if the vehicle was under water.
  • Fixed the overestimation of damage towards infantry with the Type 5 anti-tank grenade launcher.
  • Fixed a rare bug that interfered with connecting to the game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused game settings to be reset to default.
  • Fixed the ability to change commands during battles in Custom Matches.
  • Fixed the ability to build/demolish buildings when a soldier is on fire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rally points set by AI-controlled soldiers to be destroyed the moment another AI-controlled soldier started building a new rally point.
  • Fixed the incorrect effect of mortar shells hitting water.
  • Fixed bug with the M1903A1 Springfield USMC in the kill log (previously the name in the log was the same as M1903 Springfield).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the pilot to see a low-quality model of the aircraft cockpit after death.
  • Fixed a bug that made it not always possible to build a rally point even on a flat surface (such as houses).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause turning in the cockpit to be displayed incorrectly in replays.
  • Fixed a bug that caused other decorators to disappear when placing a decorator on a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to give commands when near a player-built object.
  • Fixed automatic centering on current Battle Pass progress.
  • Fixed Colt Monitor weight (reduced from 10 to 6 kg).
  • Fixed gear disappearing when switching to the base reward description when purchasing the Battle Pass.
  • Fixed the number of slots displayed for invited players in the squad.
  • Fixed the blinking of progress when receiving a reward in the Battle Pass.
  • Fixed the display of currency in the direct weapon purchase window.
  • Fixed the display of inactive progress for premium rewards in the Battle Pass.
  • Fixed the display of suspended weapons on aircraft after they are expended.
  • Fixed the display of machine guns at the moment of construction after switching to another soldier.
  • Fixed a rare server freeze when attacking aircraft carriers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused passengers in boats to be able to spin their heads 360 degrees.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a player left a tank and entered a boat, where information about the tank cannon was displayed.
  • Fixed research trees to increase crew size for vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused invisible rally points to remain outside of the battlefield.
  • Fixed some cases of the warning marker shaking on planes.
  • Fixed some cases of excessive network traffic.
  • Fixed display errors of projectile hits on tanks.
  • Fixed display errors of bullet impact decals on tanks, now in the event of a non-piercing hit from small arms fire, the correct decal is displayed.
  • Fixed display errors of holes from bullets and shells on tanks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crew kills to not be attributed correctly by the appropriate type of weapon when the death was caused by exploding ammo or a burning engine.
  • Fixed rare problems regarding connecting to the server.
  • Fixed angled edges on bomb craters.
  • Fixed the movement of branches in the wind in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Fixed some sounds of interaction with surrounding objects (doors, windows etc).
  • Fixed sound effects for players in the aircraft.
  • Fixed the sound of stationary machine guns overheating.
  • Fixed the commander’s position and animation when looking out the hatch in the 75/32 M41 and Crusader tanks.
  • Headwear on burnt corpses now correctly changes colour.
  • Fixed the incorrect appearance of foam on water on Ultra graphics settings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused artefacts to appear on enemies in the killcam on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera on the respawn screen in the Ruins of Vaux (Conquest) mission to be placed so that not all built assembly points could be selected.
  • Fixed a bug with combat zones in the Omer North (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed a bug with combat zones in the following missions: Alligator Creek South (Invasion), Guadalcanal Coast East (Invasion), Guadalcanal Coast West (Invasion) and Tenaru River (Invasion) in the Pacific war campaign.
  • Fixed the combat zones in the Airfield West (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed the combat zones in the following missions: Al Har West (Invasion), Al Har East (Invasion), Al Jabal Farm South (Invasion), Al Jabal Farm North (Invasion), Kahif Cave Village (Invasion) and Kahif Cave Village (Confrontation) in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed the combat zones in the following missions: Werbig Station (Invasion), Königsplatz West (Invasion), and Königsplatz East (Invasion) in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Fixed the combat zones in the Gogol Street West (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Fixed the combat zones in the following missions: Gavutu North (Invasion), Gavutu South (Invasion), Gavutu (Confrontation) in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Fixed infantry respawn points in the following missions: Quarry South (Invasion) and Quarry North (Invasion) in the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed infantry respawn points in the Ruins of Vaux North (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed ground vehicle respawn points in the River Crossing (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Fixed rough terrain in the Oasis North (Invasion) mission in the Battle for Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed infantry respawn points in the following missions: Alligator Creek South (Invasion), Tenaru River (Invasion), Guadalcanal Coast East (Invasion), and Guadalcanal Coast West (Invasion) in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Corrected ground vehicle respawn points in the Gavutu (Destruction) mission in the Pacific War campaign.

Thank you so much for the eng on old MG premium squads.

Thank you very very much.

Hopefully we will see them on other old squads.

As for update, decent one, thank you for the bug fixes, rather have more of them than levels to grind.

Bombing run payloads are gay tho.


Too late. But like for premium engineer slot.


Nearly 10GB of download size… That’s almost 1/3 of the entire game size


Wohaaaaa! Let’s go. Thanks for the update.


We’ve updated the site a little more. Has it become more convenient?


uh, shouldn’t the notification/announcement of the update be posted before the update actually happen?


This seems pretty good, I see the work put into it. Looking forward to try everything new

Still, the update of the progression system is something that sooner or later will have to be faced, like it or not.

Even if you have to do a single major update only about it



That’s what we wanted! I’ll be happy and settle with this for now. Good update for the rest, pleasantly surprised with new models for knives axes and whatnot.


Oh so we can add these to old squads now? Hmmm what happened to the hard coded excuse? Fucking ironic.



Interesting, will be easier to snipe with them I think. If there’s not too much dispersion.

:ok_hand: oooh yeah!

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yea the Mkb change will give it a better chance at being a sniper rifle instead of a total cqc beast.
More accuracy, less fire rate.


Because maybe they didn’t had the code back then or they didn’t had the way to do it back then??



Please overhaul your campaign level system in the next major update. We all know the bottleneck has arrived.


Lmao yeah sure excuses. They literally modified old premium squads to remove soldiers but adding was impossible? Lies. Just blatant lies


looks good :+1:

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Overall a really good update. Gonna enjoy the new toys especially the JgPanther.


A change on a wipe

Not a change in a ongoing service.

and this :kissing_heart:

We look forward to when we see other old Premium Squads also have a sapper slot.


Too many premiums and too few levels. It will kill your game one day.