⭐ High Caliber update

Please @1942786 change the rate of fire and the sound of the dshk, it feels like a big SMG

Maybe they don’t come with a 5th identical weapon (lmg)

But it’s in fact more in line with what we always wanted: squads with similar composition than regular ones.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to add riflemen to them too, who knows. Just happy my hammer boy can rally point and ammo box everywhere he goes.


It’s what I think too. It’s like a nerf… but a buff at the same time. I don’t mind at all.

Exept high dispersion, and possibly lowered damage per bullet. But meh. Still very fine for a sniper guy.

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  • Modern gabion fortifications on Pacific maps have been replaced with their historical period versions.

This one is for you


for all of us * :grinning:


yea looking forward for trying this out now, I like having one dedicated sniper in each squad to quickly take out dangerous targets while my squad advances, which works best with an accurate semi auto rifle. Moscow however didn’t give you the option to do so, because the MKB was basically a massive DPS spray and pray weapon.

Since the devs added the Kiraly, Axis already have access to a cqc beast like the soviet PPSH, so I also don’t see this as a nerf.

Im seeing a lot positive and warms words here, thanks, it’s good to read them, i hope you really loving this update!


Gib eng on all old premium squads!!!


Can someone tell me what happened to JU-188?

That’s bug i think, we are already reported it


The turnaround (engineers for old premium gunner squads) really helped.

Feels the community is listened to a bit.


Mg15 is a 1300 rpm machine gun oh my god

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This is the effect of eight smoke bombs I threw out. Why did their shielding effect become so bad? Also, why did their duration change back to about 30 seconds instead of the previous 45 seconds?



Does this mean the issue of quitting combat and rejoining in custom matches getting assigned to the wrong team fixed?

I don’t understand what this means

Guys, give me a couple of minutes.

For two years now, we have been diligently collecting your feedback on each update. And this time.

Share your feedback about heavy machine guns, new location and other changes. How do you like this update in general?

We will pass it on to the developers!


Tell them, to give eng on every old premium squad!

And tell them to reduce the payloads on bombing runs.


aussie servers


Heavy mgs feel great, but the sound and the ROF of the DSHK as I said feels a lot out of the place, like it was a big ppsh or something. The ROF needs to be slower and the sound more imposing. The rest of them (m2 browning, mg and japanese one) feel great

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I don’t think the change of the hand-held smoke bomb is good. Its shielding effect is worse, and its duration is shorter.

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Also for the type 93 a magazine system, instead of the overheating one, would be nice.