Grey Zone Camping

Alright I usually don’t complain but this needs to be resolved my team got destroyed because an enemy engineer built an ATG on top of the bunker on Normandy invasion the fact they were never required to advance means that we couldn’t destroy the gun it shelled all of our Mg emplacements and killed any tank we spawned I didn’t have a plane to deal with it because I use a panzer 4. I would say that they need to make it like when you’re a defender and you don’t retreat you die, they need to do the same for the offending team if you don’t attack you die. This is the only way I think they could solve grey zone camping or making everyone outside the grey zone invincible from grey zone fire. What do you guys think?


There are several ways to clear the gray zone camps. You can use mortars, or you can bombard them with artillery. Attack with tanks, or build ATGs we are too…
Given the location of D-Day, it will be difficult to defeat an ATG built on a hill with tanks and ATGs on the beach, and mortars will not have enough firepower projection.
I think we should have one aircraft in the unit for a solution in these situations. Aircraft are essential, especially since the Germans have far better tanks than the Allied tanks in Normandy.

I mean, german players on D-day map can do the same with Tigers up on the hills looking strait at the US as they spawn in…

Sorry English isn’t my first language hwat i mean is when defenders don’t return to the point they die do the same with the team offending so they are forced to attack instead of hiding in the backlines

I know but grey zone needs to be fixed completely for both teams so they can’t just cheese it

  1. Artillery lacks range to hit grey zone 2. Not far enough in campaign for mortars 3.Atg for some reason wouldn’t deal damage firing into grey zone I tried 4. it killed tanks the second they spawned had a full view of the map. 5. Didn’t have a plane only pz 4
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@SexyTent already gave the best advice in this case, if everything else failed a plane could have done the job.

Or else, in this case, if the AT gun guy could spawn camp all tanks, the second best option would have been picking an engineer squad, building your own AT gun in an unexpected position, and sniping him back.


OH yes it was. The bombardment could not attack the gray area.
So, I guess we still need to have aircraft ready to go at any time.

I said i tried that the gun wouldn’t deal damage in return for some reason even though i was making direct hits with HE

Lack of damage has nothing to do with gray zone, must have been something else. Maybe a solid piece of the scenario (rock, wall) stopping the shots and soaking all the damage.

thats dumb since i was using he and making direct hits on the piece :confused:

Also, AT guns are rather tanky as of late, multiple HE or AP shots with medium calibre guns may be required to blow them up.

I hit 4 shots exactly before getting killed on it only managed to do a little damage to a rifleman

Its dumb that we have to choose between tanks and aircraft because I find tanks more fun and enjoyable, but I understand that for balancing reasons its necessary

Mmm, I cannot tell for sure because I don’t recall being directly involved in an AT gun vs AT gun duel recently.

Yeah, it was awkward they had set it up on top of the first bunker near the shore and I
was firing from the hill tot he left it down towards it.

Some people may not have aircraft on their team because the default slot is only 5 slots.
This is fine if the teammates you play with have aircraft on their team, but if not, you can lose a match to the enemy with just one sneaky ATG or high tier tank.
You can either change your team to include aircraft or, if you really want to use two tanks, you can buy an extra slot, although it will cost you more money.

I would rather not spend money, but I usually get the worst team mates to ever live majority of the time they don’t even build rallies.

All you had to do is built your own ATG and use it against him.
But I guess crying on forum is easier.