Graphical improvements

We are at the finish line of the upcoming major update, my friends. Now it’s time for the complex, but interesting devblogs. We would like to present to you a whole range of improvements to the game’s graphics. There are new graphical settings, additional eye-pleasing details, and, of course, changes to the balance of bright effects and shadows. Let’s start with the latter!


It’s no secret that nowadays bright effects in dark rooms hardly add comfort - the mechanics that simulate the adaptation of the human eye work well in many situations, but not with a flamethrower or other lights in a dark room, for example.

We reworked the rendering rules so that the soldier’s eye adaptation to bright lights would not darken the environment so much. The result is very noticeable and will be a pleasant surprise in many locations.

We also reduced the bloom effect, which could be annoying for some players.


We continue to work painstakingly on weapons. Have you read the diary about the sound improvements? Well, time for effects! The muzzle flash no longer exists on its own: it can leave a reflection on parts of the weapon, and cast a glare on the surroundings. Seems like a small thing, but if you remember that you see it with every shot …


In the valleys of many battle locations, a haze or dust raised by combat can be seen. Previously, they had no effect on the light that passes through them. But not anymore. Such areas will scatter the light, and the deeper the area, the stronger the effect.

This effect will be tied to the shadow quality setting and will be enabled from medium shadow quality upwards.


Did you see in the dev blog about New Georgia how we worked on filling the bottoms of ponds and the seabed? Here’s another big improvement that will start catching your eye more often from the next major update onwards.

This new feature mimics the way water refracts light. The result of this refraction is beautiful light patterns on the bottom of water bodies, as well as the way light from the water reflects onto nearby objects. You can clearly see these reflections both underwater and on the hull of the shipwreck.

This feature will be enabled by setting the water quality to medium or high.


In Enlisted’s global illumination system, light sometimes managed to leak through thin walls. This is because light propagation for global illumination works in a voxel grid, and thin walls are difficult to properly represent in it due to performance issues.

In simple words, if you make the accuracy of lighting and reflection ultra-high, your computer will explode. That’s why game developers try to balance this issue.

We have fixed this problem without burdening your PC! Applying an offset in the direction of the gaze removes most of the problems with it, with virtually no performance loss! It’s a simple code change with a big visual improvement.


Added a new antialiasing method that will appeal to fans of the perfect visuals with powerful GPUs.

With this setting the game will render the picture with twice the resolution. The result is a sharp image without any temporal artifacts caused by the antialiasing process, as all samples are taken from the current frame.

The impact on performance will be similar to, for example, running a game on a higher resolution monitor (f.e. going from 1080p to 4K).


There are a lot of rivers in Enlisted, and water flows in them. Creating a realistic interaction with obstacles, river banks and other objects is a very difficult task. Here are the results of our efforts to solve it.

You can now see foam on the rivers depending on the direction of flow, speed and depth. The effect will apply both to the soldiers of your squad, and to various obstacles like rocks.

A bit of scientific information to impress you towards the end of this dev blog. Flow vectors are calculated using simplified Navier-Stokes fluid modeling based on a ground elevation map, which also includes obstacle objects. The visibility of the foam depends on the curvature and length of the flow vectors and the distance between ground elevation and water level; its texture also moves in the direction of the flow. Available on PC with water quality set to medium or high, and on PlayStation® 5 and Xbox Series with “High quality” preset.

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Love me some Graphics…its sooooo…graphicy.


New graphics. My gear can handle it.





Can. We have worked on optimizing the effects.


Ray tracing when?

On a more serious note, well done!


that’s so much better


I love the water graphics!


I saw in the error reporting area before that someone reported that there was too much smoke from guns. The administrator promised that it would be fixed in the update, but it has not been fixed so far. Did you forget it?

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What I see every shot is too much smoke coming out of the barrel, we are not shooting black powder guns…

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Shoot smoke everyday d-day d-daaay


Are there any news on optimization of Pacific? Better graphics is fine but Pacific is running significantly worse than any other campaign i usually have 10-30fps less framerate on ultra compared to other campaigns i really don’t want to drop my details every time i play single campaign to have stable fps and better 1% lows.

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I want better model quality… Both tessellation and textures.
Also after using my GTX1080 for 7 years, still able to deliver 2k60 high settings is ridiculous. My GPU will die first after the performance is outdated.
And what about longer corpse staying time? like 30s to 45s?

Looks great! I love to see these kinds of improvements.

I notice that only the last effect mentions consoles, are the other graphics upgrades exclusive to PC?

Why is the flamethrower even more painfully white than before? It is too white since Stalingrad update, and you are making the flame twice brighter now? I cannot comprehend it, this is absurd. This looks like the whole frame was brightened to reduce the darkness of the surroundings - ignoring the fact that the flame istself was already too bright. Just bring back the pre-Stalingrad flame visuals, 1:1. We should see a narrow gasoline stream turning into orange flame (because soldier’s eye sees flames as orange in reality), not this blinding neon cloud.
Take a look and see how many people support this in the topic that I posted a long time ago.


one step at a time i guess, atleast we got rid of the black void that covered the room when you used a flamethrower


I bet they have the old better FX files archived somewhere, should be just a matter of digging them up and switching with the current star wars plasma blasters. Besides, boosting the whiteness of the flame even more is one step at a time in the wrong direction.


ain’t sure i like it, we’re gonna shot even more blindly

You can test it on dev server and leave a feedback about it с: