Game mods finally coming to events?


When i try to unpack scene BLKs into BLKX, i get a format which cannot be read by the editor:

This is a recent change as i have created a post not so long ago that contains all mission scene BLKs from 0.5 and it’s perfectly usable: Mission BLKs - #13 by Bazsi37

Also is this @FACE_TAC 's wild west gun game in the official game files? User gamemods finally coming to official game confirmed? (2.5 MB)

Solved. I am yet again dumb



It is a user mod, in the official game files. Hmmmm


It’s a well-made scene.

At the same time, there are many well-made gungame mode maps in the community. For example, a gungame map of a Moscow prison, it’s hard to imagine loading them into the game one by one…

And the gungame mode is not as fun as the “latest” Zombie mode looks in my point of view

With the porting of Zombies from cuisine, Now we’ve got some kind of pve tool, and we’ve got some kind of meta-tool where you can buy weapons by scoring.

And day night switching tool maybe.

Imagine making a game mode where the player can play as a zombie. etc