Folgore paratroopers

So, what are your current thoughts on the Italian paras since they are finally playable? legit first time i use them since when they were released, was busy grinding other campaigns before the merge. They get godly stats and perks but i feel like the OG-43 could get some kind of small buff (stuff like 7.0 damage or better dispersion) that or 3 flamers instead of 2.

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Im happy to have them finally back where they belong.

I dont really care too much about the flamers.

The folgore get the job done and look great doing it :slight_smile:

I dont know when the new camos got added, but nice


I really liked them before the merge, I haven’t touched them because they sucked and now Im busy with Japan grind, but Im looking forward to it.

I still think they should have gotten 40 round mag I mean their counterpart (BSA wellgun ) had 32 round mag but all in all im happy finally low tier paratrooper for Germany maybe we’ll see OG-43 with 40 round as a Armory event or gold order or premium

It’s a cryin shame

No, why? They’re way better than m1a1 paras now.

Thats is true, but the folgore are more comparable to the red devils (their actual counterpart) and soviets paras. They are good now, but i feel that the gun is just a little lacking i noticed that it is pretty easy to be out of ammo for example they have only 1 extra magazine compared to the Beretta M38 with 20 rounds (140 vs 120).

I would rather see German low BR paras. I think there’s no need to tweak stats of OG.

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I think the OG-43 fits very well at BR 2 in its current state. Despite the small mag, it’s very accurate and stable while firing. I often use it as my main assault gun, and keep the ZB as a reserve for when I run out of ammo.

And talking of ammo, IMO the best solution for ALL para squads should be that when picking any loadout from the crate, the soldiers who don’t get specialist weapons get a large ammo pouch for their primary gun instead. Easy and not unbalancing.

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ON THE OTHER HAND, since we now have both the FNAB and the Beretta M1 as examples of other BR 2 SMGs with 40 rds, I sure wouldn’t complain if the OG-43 got a 40 rds mag as well.

But it’s already good nonetheless.

Finally, where they belong. And my Italian BR 2 Lineup is set


An entire Italian lineup???

Did you have enough Italian soldiers?

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enough soldiers yes. enough Full stats? no…


same brother! This was great news for Italian connoisseurs.



Ok, I’ll scrounge up my leftover men and do an Italian only lineup preset later, I’m convinced. Some premiums will help.

Note to devs:

  • allow us to choose soldiers nationality during purchase already!!!

Very Nice!!! (sorta wish I got those radio men. but mine are good enough)

@Conscript_Joe When the sale comes (hopefully this month), I will add the Breda 88 P.XI to finish this build

aswell as the few commonwealth things I need.


I bought the Breda 88 a couple of weeks ago. Not disappointed. Great fire power and extremely fun now when you can use the rear gunners!


Oh, my commonwealth lineup will be complete with the Church and Aussie tank!

As for my Italians, I did get that little black fighter. Used to be top of the line in Tunisia. It’s now br 1 or 2 :laughing:

But your sniper. He doesn’t use a carcano!

Mama mia.


dam didnt know they have blue cloth look nice ngl

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They don’t, he bought them. Only the premium Tobruk riflemen have those by default.

I didn’t know you COULD buy them, thought.

Might shamelessly copy him. But I’ll be cooler because my marksman will use a Carcano, eheheh