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chinese voice and language translated subtitle

mod: https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/lIXaTtfV9x0bZT61/


I need to take time to read the subtitles properly.

But Hats off to you. Modder’s are often the life blood of many games. I have much appreciation for Modder’s


@tommyZZM Do you have a change log or Transcript of your features/game parameters?


Counter strike, league of legends, battle royal genre… they’re all mods, long life modders!


I have a draft for this includes a part of features description of the mod

Playable New Features

Engineer Buildable Transport Vehicle

Jeeps now join the battlefield as equipment for player squads! They are constructed and deployed by Sappers in your squad.

The area of the map is huge, but this does not mean that this is a walking simulator, drive your vehicle to quickly reach any place you want while enjoying the beautiful map made by the development team for us.

I have added text prompts as much as possible to inform players of this new function on every interface in the game and on the signs in the map.

Remember to build your jeep! This is very important!

More Radio Support

Added support for 4 types of courier calls in multiplayer. They are

Allies, Il-2 rockets for precision strikes

Axis, Sturka Dive Bombing Precision Strikes

Allies, Katyusha rocket barrage area bombing

Axis, Sig33 150mm Heavy Infantry Artillery Assault Fire Support

Added bomb load (100kg or 250kg) and altitude to all types of bombers.

Increased cooldowns for all types of bomber calls, and flight arrival times.

You will have the opportunity to call in the support you need during the battle according to the situation you need

Each team can call multiple normal shells at the same time. You don’t have to worry about not being able to call in smoke cannons to cover the team’s advance because a teammate calls in a long bomber. But for calling the plane and the special bombardment on it you still can only call it once during the shared cooldown.

The shelling mode of ordinary artillery has been changed in the mod, and now ordinary artillery will involve 3 smoke bombs after the shelling ends.

High Performance Sustainable 20v20 / 25v25 Squad Mode

Through many systematic optimizations, the module enables 40 players to fight smoothly in the huge battle map, and the battle process is sustainable, and the load on the server is lower than the previous version!

The game uses the terrain and surface decoration of the vanilla map as much as possible, saving the number of entities in scene.blk.

At the same time, there is no need for any preset vehicles on the map, everything is deployed by the player’s own squad file, and the transport vehicle is built by the player himself.

All types of battle wreckage, vehicles, tanks, and building wreckage will be automatically destroyed by the server. This is a very critical step to save server performance. No one wants to experience delays and freezes during battles.

There is no magic in any of this, thanks to the efforts of the developers, Enlisted’s game servers have already supported large-scale battles, and you can experience it here now.

Game Play Improvements

Since there is no longer a need for preset areas for placing vehicles, the battle area of the map now extends to the entire map!

In the mod, the activation mechanism of each theater capzone has been improved. Now you will not know where to go due to multiple capzones, and you will be able to know more clearly which position you should attack. Each main capzone will be opened in order, you must occupy point A to open point B, and then point D will be opened.

Point D is always the most important primary goal for both attackers and defenders. Once the attacking team wins Point D, the battle will advance to the next area. Until the end, if the attacker occupies the monastery with white walls in the center of the map, the game ends with the attacker’s victory.

For the defender, the hope of victory is to constantly delay and delay the advance of the attacker. As the defender, completing the Q-point secondary objective will reduce the score of the attacker by a large amount. Blowing up oil tanks and bridges will affect the progress of the game. You will see smoke and fire burning in the scene. This is not only a visual effect, but also forces the attacker to change the attack path. If the bridge is physically blown up, the attacker has to take a detour.

Different from the past, the battle area of the map is opened by the conditional branch. For example, in the first area, the German army occupies point D and will continue to advance eastward. If the defender blows up the oil tank at point Q, the battle line will retreat to The road to the north.

The combat areas of these branches cover the entire map, and each time you repeat the play in a new game, the location and path of the areas you pass through may be completely different. All Moscow winter scenarios are implemented in the same map.

Miscellaneous Modification

New Units In Your Hangar

Stalingrad campaign , golden order T-34-1941, changed to a flame-throwing T-34 tank with a flamethrower, while still retaining the 76mm gun

Stalingrad campaign , golden order KV-1 was changed to a flame-breathing tank equipped with 45mm artillery and flamethrowers

Tunisian campaign , the Panzer III J-type, the model on the technology tree was changed to the Panzer III equipped with a flamethrower. At the same time, the gold card is still the ordinary Panzer III J

Tunisian campaign, AB-41, Increased reload speed of the Breda machine gun and reduced weapon overheating.

Paratrooper Equipment

Mortar Engineer option removed. Engineers and Signal Corps are now added for every other option.

Adapted to the perspective of paratrooper deployment, now you can better choose where to land on the big map.

The module also appropriately increases the parachute landing time and flight preparation time to improve your immersive experience as a paratrooper.

Engineer Buildings

The buildings for each faction have been fine-tuned, and you can try them out in-game.

You can now build several rally points, slightly different for each faction, from 3 to 5. This is very practical on large maps where you don’t want your main rally point destroyed and you have to restart your movement from the default spawn point hundreds of meters away.

Despite your jeep, the respawn point is still very important, it will bring you and your teammates a more compact attack frequency, or allow you to better consolidate the defense.

Anti-air guns are back to their normal firing angles, and you can use them against ground units, but you can only have 1 built at a time.


Both sides have a small field airfield where you can repair your aircraft, and there is a small amount of anti-aircraft fire in the airfield to protect you from enemy aircraft, just like in War Thunder.

Thanks to every player who played and tested in the game, thank you for the suggestions you provided me, this is a joint work done by every player who likes this mod.

To Be Implement After Game Would Update


I already played your mod. I’d suggest swapping jeep with truck. My crew couldn’t fit entirely.

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yes its planed, but the multiplayer mod games doesn’t work for the custom .blk loading yet.

The gaz jeep is one of the best offroad vehicles in this game.

For trucks, his movement speed in mud will be very slow due to the realistic properties, and the default truck properties are not suitable for a good game experience.

For the truck, I need to load a custom file to improve the mobility of the truck on muddy ground.

I do have more features planned than these, but a lot of features are still missing pieces, and players and I have been waiting too long for “client side custom blks to loading”. @Enginya

At present, I am still working hard to add some functions that I can do to the multiplayer game, including the most critical part, because the list of buildings cannot be changed or new buildings can be added, so I can only add the hedgehog To replace with a vehicle, I can only choose 1 vehicle, so I chose the jeep with the best off-road performance.


Hello, I am addicted to your mod, playing 7.03, not sure if you managed to update over weekend, the thing that is annoying is sometimes it just crashes and everyone is kicked and we lose XP, looking forwards to next version.

Also army choice is fixed once we start game, would be nice to change once maybe?

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Known issue is that all current versions have a crash problem that occurs when the anti-tank gun is destroyed.

I have fixed this crash caused by anti-tank guns in the latest version

I don’t know if there are other scenarios.

Thanks a lot if you can spot other scenarios. I am not sure.

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So what version is latest, has it been released yet, I can ask my PC clan mates to launch it if so.

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I just fixed the AT gun crash, still 703.

My friend should have opened a 703 version of the room in the lobby.

The latest version with manyyyyy new features is still a work in progress and I plan to release a beta version of it today.~


Excellent news, I look forward to the beta version with even more features, I am on console but happy to test for you from my perspective.

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Is there any way to earn XP if over 10 players without playing whole 3 hour match?

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Hi, one more small request if possible, can axis use kubelwagen and allies use Soviet jeep when building vehicle with hammers?

I take it you have beta testers already.

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There is currently no way to gain experience XP. This needs to be considered by developers.

But this is needed to avoid the mod becoming a robotic experience farm.

My personal suggestion is to grind experience based on time, such as 5000XP for every hour of play.

And even

it is not counted in the forum game postting counter conditions


Yes. its incoming with many features~

Thank you for suggestion~



I tried a temporary fix in for older version. Because I found that many players reported that the game crashed

Before the new version is released, please use fix3 and do not participate in other older versions of the game, otherwise crashes may occur.

fix3 suffix, Known issues are fixed in fix3.

At the same time, the new version will be released today.


Hello, please share link to latest version when released on here too, I will ask my clan to launch it for me. As for XP gain, I thought if over 10 players, we were able to earn XP.

@James_Grove Hi, is this true that we cannot earn XP from this custom mode, even if there are over 10 players? If so, could you please feedback to devs, as this is becoming an increasingly popular way of playing Enlisted, for end gamers. (As well as base game)

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Coming in, I’m doing some final self tests. And I may have no time to write new features manual for new version.

I hope there won’t be any problems in tests. God bless

Yes I have reported this many times. My friends and a lot of players have asked me this question. . . I have given feedback many times in the forum

I think this needs the help form every players

And I suggest you make this suggestion again in a separate post

Ok, good luck with testing, I put a post now, I hope devs agree and pass feedback on. As for latest version, the handbook, can just be adding the new bit and a WIP, I referred to an old version when I first started myself.

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Hi, not sure which post to use for feedback so using this.

Berlin armies (most popular) don’t appear to have any vehicles to select to build mobile rallies (aka light vehicles), same on allied side of Berlin, is this intentional?

Just played full round on 703fix3 no crashes :+1:

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You know, every player likes to play with the most powerful weapons. So they are strong enough with faction weapons.

In order to balance different campaign factions. The vehicles of the Berlin camp have almost doesn’t have mobile rally points ~

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