(EDITOR) Is there a way to resize objects by the side instead of from the middle?

Having to resize objects (such as zones) from the center is a bit of a pain at times and it would be convenient to size them from an edge instead sometimes (especially adjusting capture zones etc). Is there a way to do so ?

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you could use capzones poly instead.

but you’ll have to ask @Devenddar as i don’t really know how to set those up.

but in theory, just like in the base game, would allow you to create capzones in custom shapes ( for example, follow the area of a building or decide only what is included and what not.

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Well… For capture points and battle area there is another one way… You can use poly version instead box or sphere.

Info how to create poly battle area you can find in official guides.

Capture point poly version works like poly battle area, but you not need to put points clockwise. And also for set height you need put additional point higher/lower than others.

Toolbox → CapZonePoly or CapZones let you see capture point zones.

Thank you !

Creating a poly battle seems to fit the bill. Now I got to work one out.

It would be nice though if there was a way to auto-generate a box zone based on a prefab (such as a building). Take lowest x,y,z and highest x,y,z, leftmost and rightmost and create a generic box around the prefab. Then you can re-size as needed.

Is there a way to maybe make the contrast of the lines of the selected item more visible (e.g. thicker or color change ?) that would help (especially when dealing with large areas such as battlezones).

I got killed doing a test and immediately went to f12 and the screen was still red. And it made seeing where some things were easier for placement. Is there a way to add a filter color to the light we can toggle on/off in the editor ?

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Sounds interesting and useful.

Talking about prefabs. You can save poly capture point and polygon points as prefabs.

Sadly, but probably no :frowning:
But it will be cool.

I’m not sure that it’s possible to do, but there may be some console commands. I’ll try to find them later.

Is there a way to be able to select a pre-fab and export it with an option where we can just export the points, then re-import as a poly capture point/area ? Kind of a round-about way but that could work.

Can there be extensions programmed into the editor (many allow external scripts etc to be implemented to handle some of this stuff) ?

Sorry. My english not very good. And this part a bit hard to understand for me. So probably I missunderstand you.

Or only capture point with polygon points:

You can put these prefabs in any maps. And freely move polygon point after that.

Well… Currently time we probably can’t add/write scripts or maybe I just don’t know how to do it. Anyways… Changes on mod folder will affect on editor (like appear new entities in Create Entity list if you add entities.blk (basic info about structure) and a bit edit it).

Toolbox debug options usually add postfix template to some entities (for example poly_battle_area_draw_debug). So in theory you may try to edit them somehow.

No problems. your english is better (as at least you can than my (assume) Russian :smiley:

An export of could work like this (if the designers of the editor would allow):

  1. Select prefab or ctrl select multiple prefabs.
  2. Export can be to create it as one prefab (grouped) or separate (individuals).
  3. Also it should allow export of the x,y,z location, so that it can be imported again in the place it was removed from after changes have been made.
  4. Maybe easier export it as some XML ? or some other format as desired (that way we can take advantage of the libraries of other editors/ previous work and not have to re-invent the wheel).

This could truly speed up development time and creation/debugging.

The filter color should be simple to implement (e.g. include a simple lighting change setting). The thicker lines and colors for selected items could be a user changed input at loading time (parameter).

Nothing is that simple, however, but it would increase the utility of the editor immensely.

I’ve seen the stuff done on other editors like this, having tinkered around with (way too) many over the years.