Does Russia feel almost unplayable for anyone else?

I don’t know if it’s just bad luck I’ve had or if other people encounter the same issue. But it doesn’t feel playable to pick the USSR, after the merge I haven’t had any remotely balanced experiences against Germany. Whether it be from all the events that were balanced for specific campaigns pre-merge, or overall what Germany has been given, but the game just doesn’t feel playable unless you’re Germany anymore. Yes I could just switch to Germany, but after years of playing primarily the USSR and having events and gold orders spent only on there it would be a complete waste.

Does anyone else have this issue?


high br ussr is currently sort of balanced.

you win some, lose others.

dunno about low br though.

if things dont work out, you may wanna try to group up with other players over the discord… or play with friends or something.

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low level environment
You can clearly tell who is a newbie or a monkey

Maybe it’s just bad luck then, because all my matches as of late have been super skewed against USSR for high BR

This is low BR?

includes but is not limited to
These monkeys always use riflemen and snipers
And always hiding in buildings or on the road to death
Never build a spawn point

Maybe I should try low BR sometimes lol

Maybe you will get advantages in equipment and skills
But the monkey will reduce your advantage and increase the enemy’s win rate
Then you start to have high blood pressure

I never argued about some kind of balancing before… but recently i really did notice, that i loose most of BR5 matches with the soviets, almost like 10 in a row, and i am not even joking… i do not understand it either.


When the first people get the t 34 100 it will change trust me


Yes, too much chimps. Other than that, it’s fine.

When the randos start unlocking t-34-100 it might change things up, we will see.

Sounds like a skill issue m8.

I disagree. I am mostly first in my team during these matches. Also i played for years now, and i never felt any balance issues, sometimes won more often, sometimes won less. But recently it happens way more often than in the usual experience


I had pretty decent session with my BR4 Soviet lineup few days back.
All matches felt pretty balanced.

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Since merge?

Mostly a good experience since merge. Mostly BR 2 and BR 3.

My i ask you a question? Why br 4 instead of br5?

Because I wanted to play my three T-34-85 which I do have in my BR4 lineup.

In BR5 lineup I have SU-100 and Sherman

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I have no idea why the sherman is t5. T 34 85 is far better

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Yea, it’s better to play for Germany.


Nothing surprising, you can see how he plays
(Can be guessed from the typical high numbers of deaths and assists)
I’m not going to criticize anything here, but I don’t want to see more people play like this