Different month, same me! Now with different infantry AT suggestion!

Yep, I’m back at it again!

Some of you may remember me for my crazed rambeling about the M20 Super Bazooka. But today im here WITH something that actually saw the combat of WW2. And that thing is the:

M18 Recoilles rifle



The M18 57mm recoilless rifle started its design period in 1942 with its first test firing happening in October of 1943, when the M18 (then known as the T-15, made by Infantry section) proved to be better than its counterpart, which was concept from artillery section from the for a 105mm recoilless weapon.

The now known M18 recoilless rifle got aaccepted into service with the first 50 procuction pieces rushed to the front in Europe in March 1945, where it made its way to the 17th Airborne div. near Essen, to US forces in Po Valley in Italy and in Pacific where it was used in Battle of Okinawa, where it was praised as “pocket artillery” tahnks to its HE ammunition



Now I don’t know if to keep the M18 purely as AT weapon or if to also give it its already mentioned HE and Smoke shells as well.

However in Enlisted the M18 would have to use either the M307 or M307A1 which had the maximum penetration of 6in. ( 152,4mm) from 150 yards (137 meters) and the best part is that I managed to find declassified tests with pictures from Aberdeen proving ground, that are here for those, who want to read it.


This converision from retarded units to meters seems off.


Thank you and fixed.

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erm… try again? :rofl:

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you spoilsport :stuck_out_tongue:

i love it when people do math (and fail). :rofl:


Thank you, my braindead self was for some reason counting with 45 yards instead of 150.

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Yeah a yard is almost a meter. Should be closer to about 145 than anything just pulling numbers out my rear

I WANT MY RECOILLESS RIFLE! Recoilless Rifles are so darn cool


I just want something after the M9 in the tech tree

And a a Recoilless and the M20 would perfectly fit there

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If it was me I’d put the M20 (if you mean the Recoilless rifle) as an engineer built structure.

I’d reserve that for AT Guns. Cannons are too heavy to be portable, so it makes sense you’d have to build them. Recoilless Rifles are portable, so a soldier can carry it into battle with no problem. Only a bunch of complaints. Lol

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That is true but I have yet to see a picture of someone shooting an M20 from a shoulder since nobody ever did it (not even marines, which i’m kinda surprised). However, after a quick google search I found this:

…but unlike the M18 it could not be fired from the shoulder. It could be mounted on a tri-pod or on a light vehicle or jeep.

But having a heavy recoilless rifle mounted on a back of a Jeep would be very fun + it would give Davy Crockett vibes :joy:

Yeah most Recoilless were fired from tripods
However, all AT rifles were fired from the prone positions soooo

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youtube says otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! Now accurately fire at a Pz and eliminate the threat

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While we are at it could you imagine if it got into Enlisted with the 2.8x side mounted scope? Wouldn’t that make the M18 the best sniper rifle in the game?

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