Dident get the TANK I BOUGHT

I BOUGHT A RUSSIAN TANK with the only Battle pass and Gold i had and I never received it

You bought white IS-2 ?

Select 126th tank regiment (squad which can use IS-1/2 and T-34-85) and equip it with your tank.


You probably have the tank, please check vehicles not available to this squad with any Soviet tank squad to see if the vehicle is in your inventory.
I suspect that you do have the tank, but not a squad that can use the vehicle.
Please note that higher level vehicles can only be used by higher level squad.

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Thank you for responding (How do I check inventory?) I will try to find it

Which tank did you buy?

122 mm D-25T cannon 28 pcs
7.62 mm DT machine gun 1890 pcs
Russian Soviet Tank

I searched inventory and it wasent their
I haven’t reached that tear yet but that didn’t stop me from getting the 85 mm Russian Tank

The 126 Tank Crew has not been unlocked yet
Although I have that Tank and its crew already
T34-85 (D 5T) crew of 4

You need this squad or an older version of the IS2 squad
Older versions of T3485 cannot be used

I wish I knew that
Thank you so much
I guess I have to GRIND RUSSIANS

Basically I wont see the Tank for years if ever because i don’t play Russians
im 70 years old I hate the Russians because of my generation was taught
I play the game 1 or 2 hours a day and rarely grind because I like playing Events
so the one time I get a Battle pass I waste it
I should at least get the Tank physically to be able to see it
I don’t even have a picture or anything of it

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Why did you bought Soviet tank if you do not play USRR ? :scream:



Actually the game tell you this before purchase a gold vehicle

Click on the first soviet tanker squad and select their vehicles, once in the hangar click on the arrow under the vehicle menu and it show you all the faction tank


Why do people jump in to a clearly grind-heavy game and think they can just buy and use the most powerful weapons in the game instantly? lol

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Not everyone will read the contents clearly when signing a contract with the devil. Not everyone will think about whether they will get burned before drinking hot soup.

I have been playing this game for 2 years

Still why don’t you get to hold on to the tank until you get the squad
you purchases a tank you should get it regardless of weather or not you have the squad
not getting anything at all after buying it seems like a rip off
im sorry I grew up in a generation that delt with people properly
Its a shame that the guys who left these remarks don’t even understand what I am saying
am I wrong when I ask “wheres the Tank” and I tried to get a Machine gun first but it wouldn’t do anything
I have bought guns with Gold before
The Tank I bought is not even in my Que like it is in this picture

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It never said anything about You will not receive the tank because you don’t have the crew
I have the T 34-85 85mm cannon
i got nothing
not even a picture of it in my Que

I play the Events everyday and they put me on the Soviet team every day
Obviously if I got the tank I would use i