[Development] D-Day Zombies by Gamer_Victorch

Mod page: https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/GLXP0sNn0YIXBhTI/
Source code: Enlisted mod share - Google Drive

Original post:
I am going to create a zombie map based in the D-Day beach bunkers. I know there are countless maps out there on D-Day but they are either bad quality(2 teams can spawn, afk players “conquer” the world), buggy(zombies stuck on everything) or too boring(no custom weapon buys or zombies).

This time i am going to import the zombies and stuff from my previous maps, Gavutu and Ardennes.

But i am going to allow players to bring equipment of their own, as requested by @iso_seppo123 before.

Custom weapons would all be either modern conflict weapon, moon blasters, or super OP battlepass ones. Zombies also use them as well

People can build as engineer but if they choose to spawn as other classes, they can also buy a hammer to build auto turrets! Thank you, @tommyZZM.

Zombie tanks and custom zombie paratroopers will add to the chaos that the moon zombies and samurai bring

Deserted players are cleared when they are down for 2 minutes (they bleed out). And normal players can now respawn as another class if they are dead. This changes the gameplay a lot i know but its worth the effort. Thanks to @tommyZZM here.

The plasmafaust will be available for purchase as well as my first custom gun - M16A4! I made it by myself with editing firing mode and item__name of the M4A1. M16A4 suggested by @PanzerTomate

Zombies will be marked on the minimap. So no more hide-and-seek!
Zombie spawn as well as tank spawns will also be marked on the map. This is @Devenddar 's codes

Last but not least, the 3rd person cam will return too.
While not aiming, you can see much more than the soldier’s eye, overwatching your six. This is @Bazsi37 's work, and i am happy to say that this is the 3rd map (after his own test map and Ardennes Zombie) using his technology. Thank you again for the amazing gameplay modification!

There are 3 things I am still figuring out how to get to work:

  • Respawning on players: My game doesn’t have bots so the suggestions about bot squads won’t work.
  • Custom AI tanks: It is currently crashing the custom game server for unknown reasons.
  • Rally point zombies: A zombie with a rally point device attached on the head. And it can actually allow zombies to spawn on it when it is alive

The map will begin development later today (ETA 5 hours). Suggestions are very welcomed. I value every piece of advise. Also, the code is going to be open-sourced as always.


I have setup a cap zone that opens up the main map upon capture
Players will first spawn on the landing ships

Everyone! The mod is finished. Wow, it took me the whole afternoon and evening(~7 hours) to finish it. It is not good quality but it serves its purpose as to test out new engineer buildings and custom tanks in the future.


I am having this error with this map launching on local custom game (Player limit = 1 on main server client)
But it has no error on mod editor.
Pls help

Probably not really important. It maybe happends because if you have level entity in code earlier then battle area poly points.

but it still happens when i literally put it at the end

btw code is available at the top of this post.

Can you show/send battle areas code?

// Skipped the battle_area_polygon_points because there are over 50 of them
  transform:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [-1.91908, 2.18979, 323.796]]

  transform:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [15.1142, 9.32515, 201.527]]

  transform:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [13.7753, 9.32515, 201.632]]
  transform:m=[[0.674583, 0, 0.738199] [0, 1, -0] [-0.738199, 0, 0.674583] [109.066, 60.2227, 61.1095]]



// (EOF)

Did you activated them? Anyways… NVM. I gonna check it on some my maps. Maybe it just game bug with loggers… And maybe not important/critical.

but i cant spawn,
maybe because of that error

Huh. Weird. Why you didn’t tell about it? Then please sent full scene file? You can do it in private messages.

it is in the google drive on the top of this whole forum post

In the D-Day zombies folder

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Wait it just refuse to work in single player
The custom game server just got back up now
let me invite mopuit to help test!

In theory it happends because of 4 team entities with same id.

or maybe it cant read my squads and dont have custom profile?

this is to allow all factions to join. Idk if it works with only usa

It will use default player profile.

Also it maybe happends because you don’t have team id 2 and game randomly put you to this team.

ah. but it work in real game then i fix later

Btw, is there a way to make the respawn longer for players?
also, is there a way that can disable friendly fire in lone fighters (i have to use lone fighters for 50 people capacity)

(Btw, @Devenddar , its weekend again. So see if you have spare time to look at the custom tank issue)

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