[Development] D-Day Zombies by Gamer_Victorch


You can edit enlisted_player entity in entities.blk.


  //These properties allows select respawn points instantly after join.

  respawner__respTime:r=0.0 //Respawn time.
  respawner__respawnWhenInactiveTimeout:r=999.0 //Forced respawn time.
  squads__respawnPenaltyTimeThreshold:r=0.0 //Increases respawn time if suicide.

You can find this entity and check property panel. IIRC it also have respawn time for aircraft.

Create game_options entity and turn on some properties.

@PanzerTomate told me to add panzershrek
so i added

so i added rpzb_54_1_panzerschreck
also added kar98k_trench, another unused gun
Then added mg42 early

Also i raised the water level because its kinda funny. Fun fact: if you set the spawn to be below water, you get teleported to the top

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There is an important problem i need to solve:
If you blow up a nuke (500lb bomb) on the engineer zombie and it happens to destroy a friendly Pz III N, you get kicked immediately for friendly fire.
I want to ask if it is possible to disable friendly fire in Lone Fighters mode. I need lone fighters because i want the 50 player cap (25 people can join then) and i want to allow players to bring their own squads (which i also need lone fighters to not spawn whole squad)

If it is impossible to disable friendly fire, is it possible to only let 1 squadmate spawn from 1 squad even in squads mode?

You can disable friendly fire using game_options entity.

…Or you can edit enlisted_player using entities.

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It worked! Thanks!

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