Details of 'hero' award / Any award for those who have good 'kill'/'squads losts' ratio?

I was searching but couldn’t find a place where there is a explanation of each ‘hero’ award in game.
Another doubt that I couldn’t find an answer is if there is some award for player who have a good ‘kill’/‘squads lost’ ratio.

Probably no. If there is one, it will encourage camping which sucks


If you gained high KD in a way that is not sniper camping or radioman, you can certainly gain some hero awards anyhow.


Here, all the important data about the game, guns, progression, economy, and awards (link should take you straight to them, but if not, it’s Score + Battle Heroes tab on the bottom).
For K/D award, there is The One-Man Army award, which is the award for the most kills with one soldier, but frankly, if you’re not playing vehicles, you’re probably not getting it. If you got it as an infantry, either the vehicle players were particularly weak or non-existent, or you were camping or cheesing with engineer buildables.


Enlisted Resource - Google Таблицы

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Beaten to it by 3 separate people, I’m proud of you

So the record of medals is 23 if the two teams try to help someone to get that record

If we have the 23 medals, what would it be the exp boost with that?

not really. you have best soldier class (e.g. tanker, attacker pilot, fighter pilot, assaulter, rifleman etc. ) which inflate the number. also you have achievements that are only available if you are on 2nd or third place without any medals. fast calculation is ~29 medals max (although it may be inaccurate).

1.5 is max exp boost.

That sad I was thinking about a 300% boost whit all the medals

Thanks to all!
Men, this docs have a lot of information! Really gratefull.

I didn’t think about this possibility, you are right.
It seems all the points politics even heroes awards is developed based to have a good gameplay, not so simple like I thought.

When you first mentioned this a few days ago, I was like…“wait, wha??” b/c I’ve had times where I KNOW I have gotten 1.5 and 1.2 for a badge of some sort or another.

Though, last night, when observing my scores, I only got 1.5 for wins - though, I don’t know if I was ever top spot on the team or not.

I found a screenshot I made somewhere showing this - how does this happen? What do you have to do to get it?


(base xp+premium xp)*victory bonus xp* battle hero xp multiplier

What I don’t understand - sometimes I get a battle hero badge of some sort or another, but no bonus xp.

In looking through a few I had, I guess best healer doesn’t get a “battle hero” reward. Not sure the point to giving them a badge at all, since there’s no XP bonus. Also, there seem to be a variance - is that multiple medals get you higher boosts? (1.2, 1.3, etc)


Referring to the graphic you posted - I saw the limitations on the numbers for total number of battle heroes. My question is the 1.2 or 1.3 (in addition to 1.5 for winning or 1.2 for losing) - is that a reflection of how many medals the individual got?

For example, say someone got best machine gunner and best rifleman, would that be a 1.3 bonus? if they also got Best Builder would that get them to 1.4? (making up numbers there, maybe it takes multiples of 3 badges to get an extra 10%…e.g. 1.2 bonus means 3 badges, 1.3 bonus means 6 badges, etc.)

Just seems to me, so far, that there’s little rhyme or reason to it - and don’t get me started on how there are plenty of times where it doesn’t show any multiplier at all, for winning or losing, though I can see the research and silver totals reflect that there was actually a bonus.

Also, it would appear that the phrasing on “number of battle heroes” on the spreadsheet should mean “number of battle heroes who can get an xp bonus” since I’ve seen matches with six or more battle heroes (people with badges) whether winning or losing (though the limit seems to be enforced more on the losing side…)

thats not an argument, since best tanker already encourages the same thing, as other awards do too.
i guess df just doesnt want to spend time coding it properly, since the real kd isnt the number of kills/deaths, but either number of kills/lost soldiers or number of kills/spend tickets.

there is logic behind it, just idk exact mechanism.

@Euthymia07 can answer better maybe.

there is no 1.2 for losing. there is either victory bonus of 1.5 or no bonus. battle hero awards have different rules that are not dependent on victory or loss.