Details of 'hero' award / Any award for those who have good 'kill'/'squads losts' ratio?

just having like 1 best soldier class medal gives you a x1.2 xp multiplier
There are 4 different mults
So to get x1.5, you need to have f.e 4 best soldier class awards
Bigger awards (like best infantry/vehicle squad) give a higher multiplier
but im not exactly sure of the exact value, that’s something i wanted to write on sheet later


Not exactly, best tanker can be awarded to aggressive tankers. While kd award only encourages camping. Also, kd award encourages camping has basically no correlation with tanker award encourages camping. Also, I am not making an argument. I was answering a question.

this is what we call oxymoron.

There are many agressive tankers especially in the USA side, because their tanks can not camp well