Darkflow's U.S. faction bias is quickly causing Enlisted's downfall

Tier V western Allies is a complete shit fest of plane cycling. However, the bigger problem is that compared to other countries, the U.S. military’s occupation of bases in the Normandy map is abnormally fast and the number of ticket reinforcements is too large. Especially in Normandy, where there are many small strongholds, even if the U.S. forces briefly make a hole in the defense line with P-47 HVAR rocket spam and charge in, it is difficult for the German faction to survive near the stronghold even if German faction has better ground forces. Even in situations where the U.S. military has a slightly lower KDA, German faction is usually blocks them 4 bases or lose all! This is the opposite of the Eastern Front, where it is difficult to occupy even two bases if the Soviet faction has a bad KDA.

The speed of the German faction’s occupation of strategic bases is set too slowly. Also, even if the German faction occupies a base, the amount of ticket reinforcements is set too low.

This unfairness causes German faction players to lose interest in Enlisted and causes Enlisted to downfall. We should not forget that German faction players play an important role in maintaining Enlisted as a PVP game rather than a PVE game.

Darkflow’s American faction bias will only lead to Enlisted’s downfall.


Why dont they let me farm with my Tiger? Thats unfair.


That’s not the point it’s when they carpet bomb a sector and kill all the infantry and swarm the objective


Well. That only means no one even bothers for some air-defence.


Setting up air defenses at the start of the match while trying to protect at the same time is not exactly the easiest thing to do Especially with the increased cap time as well


In a 10v10 game, focusing on anti-aircraft defense will result in too few infantry units. The American occupation of the base was so rapid that the lack of German infantry directly led to the loss of the base.


The luftwaffe needs to do some recruiting


The luftwaffe needs more armaments


Yeah. It takes AGES to build an AA gun or switch to a fighter plane.

If you need ten people for one plane, your team is doomed anyways. The P-47 won’t be the biggest issue.


Strictly speaking if planes were doing their job, the 2 players on each side in the air should cancel each other out. AA shouldnt be needed…

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I would play something different than just p47, corsair, calliope cycle. But the sights for infantry weapons are insufferable. So that’s what you get.


That would make sense if both sides could do plane cycling but unfortunately only one side can do that


i don’t think there is any faction boost to cap times anymore, i do know that capping speeds up with more players on it though i don’t think you care for that and only care for the faction you main

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In addition, the reason why the high-tier United States is a overpowered is that its fighters are barely inferior to Germany in terms of air combat performance, but their bomb load is often better than that of German air defense fighters with less than 200 kg. The P-47 Thunderbolt, which is considered an attack aircraft, is actually a fighter plane, so its air combat performance is not particularly good compared to a fighter. However, the P-47 Thunderbolt can devastate the target area by firing two HVAR rockets four times, and it is not difficult to kill a tank by dropping a 250kg bomb at the end, but German attack aircraft are nerfed and cannot even destroy buildings. Not only is it limited in terms of usability and lacks fluidity by attaching a lot of stupid bombs implemented as stupid weapons, but the rocket-equipped aircraft has very poor maneuverability and can only fire a maximum of two times, so it has poor anti-infantry and anti-tank capabilities. Falling in all directions. The German aircraft in Enlisted are crappier than the P-47 in every way.


The Tiger cannot destroy the P-47, but the P-47 can easily destroy the Tiger. If a P-47 is intercepted, another P-47 will appear, putting the German ground forces at a disadvantage. US troops spamming the M2 Carbine Assault Rifle are currently in no way inferior to the Germans, so US ticket reinforcements should be nerfed to a similar level as the Germans. In Enlisted, the Tiger tank is good at nothing except tank fighting. In Enlisted, the Tiger tank’s high explosive ammunition load was nerfed to half compared to reality, and the performance of the MG 34 machine gun was also nerfed to trash level. Now there is absolutely no reason why American soldiers should have more tickets than Soviet and German soldiers.


It’s more annoying to have to manually control the FG 42 II’s selector. Enlisted’s M2 Carbine has received continuous buffs, allowing it to arm more soldiers than the StG 44, even though its performance is not much lower than that of the StG 44.


M2c isn’t equivalent to stg. It’s not assaulter weapon. Why are you ignoring Thompsons?

Will be fixed on the maps that don’t have default values yet

Besides that it’s just a playerbase issue


A six-man squad of U.S. paratroopers parachuting with a Thompson submachine gun equipped with a 100-round drum magazine is certainly stronger than a German paratrooper parachuting with an FG 42 set to semi-automatic.


Yeah, because 2 random premium squads which are behind pay wall are definitely the decisive factor in faction balance.