Customization - now without exceptions!

Commanders! Today’s news about the upcoming major update will definitely please those who pay attention not only to the combat capability of their squads, but also to their appearance.

Such an important aesthetic element as the customization of soldiers’ uniforms and faces will soon be available in the Battle of Tunisia campaign - in other words, this mechanic now will be available in all campaigns, and with the progression update, for all countries!

Prepare your orders: the appearance of your soldiers among the vast dunes and scattered oases will now depend on you!


Humm my Tunisia radio and flame squad were waiting patiently for this.



I’m ready


I really hope that with this update will play Tunisia again. Especially on the Axis side since there are not a lot of people playing Tunisia Axis for some reason. But correct me if i am wrong

Very cool! Looking forward to all the work being put in this update. 2 questions, is the customization amongst the factions already available going to get an overhaul/new items? Also, when will we be able to customize the German Stalingrad premium medic squad?

Is there a chance we will be allowed to properly rename our soldiers (replacing their full name), besides giving them a callsign?

This would be helpful both to fit personal preferences, and to fix misspellings (probably originating when translating from Cyrillic to western characters) that make some names sound not quite right in Italian, English or German.

(I got particularly unlucky with the random assignment of names of my premium Italian flametroopers squad.)


very nice! been saving my cards for merge!..700 encounting

Customization - now without exceptions!

in other words, this mechanic now will be available in all campaigns, and with the progression update, for all countries!

This is a bit of a vague phrasing,
Is it just saying that, with the addition of customization to the Tunisia Campaign, now every campaign has customization (duh)?

OR Is there a new mechanic regarding how the customization works? i.e. now if you purchase a particular customization for a particular squad it is now usable for the whole squad?

Hence I see the addition of the “Purchase for squad” button there, hope it isn’t just a mere shortcut to buy the same appearance items and auto-equip them to the rest of the squad and just charge you for the amount of items that are missing.

If purchasing on a squad basis is how it will go, I very gladly welcome it!, but hope it will be compatible to other campaigns as well (Refund process will be needed)

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ah finally tunisia customization

With the campaign merge coming will we also get temperate climate customisation for British and Italians? Afterall there will be option to use for example our Italian squads on maps previously assigned to Moscow, or British in Normandy - it would be logical to give us some appropriate clothing for such circumstances.


So, will these be a second devblog ?



Can we get more Stalingrad like customization?

Im mainly asking for: Full sets of matching uniforms and variety of pouches like on the picture.

also matching caps not just helmets like:


That’s hardly their strongest point lol, the 50 looks bad, but it got fast reload anyway. It’s just diffrent


What about this?



Which is why we see so many bikes there.

How dumb are you getting with this superior Axis only maining? For real now.

You know its 1000lb and not kg and 1000lb is around 450kg?


Its so good Allied mains decided to not play it at all cost.

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those are already in the game
( only in one camouflage though )

just not available in the current selection.

like, 70% of the cosmetics inside the editor, that are not in the base game.


Can’t wait to see what customization there are for the British! Hopefully my Moroccan squad has customization choices too! :grin:

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