Custom Profiles Guide

There have been a lot of questions about custom squads, profiles recently, and i thought I would make a post about what i know, and explain how they work to my best knowledge.

First of all custom profiles currently don’t work to their fullest. (Event profiles do)

  • Only profiles for bots work online.
    *Player profiles works ONLY IN LOCAL MODE. (Probably to prevent access to late game content by devs to new players)

As a start i will load the squad profile that was used for the Sea Predator event. Later i will edit this to my liking.

First create your scene then hit save. Then open the folder of your mission:


I have created a seperate folder for the profiles. It is not neccessary, you can just place it next to the scene.blk file.


In the editor, add the two profile entities to the scene:

The difference between the two is pretty much self explanatory.

It only has 1 property, the file path:

In my case for both profiles it is %ugm/profiles/sea_predator_profile.json

Here it is in notepad:

After creating the profiles for both players and bots we can save and restart.

We will be greeted by this error message:

It’s fine. Ignore it. export mod as vromfs.bin and launch it online IN LOCAL MODE:

As you can see it works as we would expect in-game:

Now let’s get to the good part. Let’s customise this.

You will have to edit this in a text editor. Not in the actual game editor.

You can imagine this profile file as a rather deep tree structure, where the top nodes are the factions themselves:

Each of these contain a lot of interesting but irrelevant definitions like how much xp is needed for the next campaign level: (I have edited the normandy_allies part of the profile)


Or how much xp do you need to earn to get an order:


What we are truly interested in are here:



Note: It is easy to accidentally delete a bracket. And due to the complexity of this file it also easy to get lost. I suggest you collapse everything but the squads section.

At the top the squad’s properties are defined.


artilleryCooldown for example (i think) has smaller value for artillery squads
engineerUnlocks should define whether the engineer of this squad can build enginner squad exclusive buidlings like Flak AA or MG nest.
isRented sounds interesting…

In the game we have soldier named “Rolando Wilson”

We can search this in our JSON file:

Every solder code starts with it’s equipment: (“id” : x, is the first line)


There is a lot of options here. Let’s start by renaming our guy to…Custon Name.
Now let’s increase the perk number:
And add actual perks:
In the game perks have a pre-set value. Like +40% jump height or -40% verical recoil.

These can all be custom. Just change the statValue to your liking.
hp_boost is Max Vitality. In this case it is +220% max hp.
The others are self explanatory.

Next section is appearance:

Thanks to @ErikaKalkbrenner you can edit the appearance of each soldier. However i have never edited this part of the file so no idea if it works. It should. Needs testing

Next is


You can see that the ammo for the m2_carbine is defined here. Our soldier gets 5 clips + one is already loaded.
Bayonet is also added here.


This is also where you add scopes to weapons which had them.
I have no idea what happens if you try to add a scope or bayonet to a wepaon which otherwise can’t equip one. You are free to try.

The last section defines the weapons.


The first few lines don’t need explanation. I also found this somehwhere:

Weapons are defined below.

Which appear correctly in the game:


grenade_thrower is not a weapon. It is literraly a slot for soldiers to throw grenades.

Let’s replace this with the M2 Hyde gun.

You can check the weapon codes in the editor:

Let’s also give him a nice pistol:


Remember to change the ammo for the guns above.
You can find the right ammo for the gun in the editor:

This is how my weapInfo looks like:

Let’s test it.

Aaand it works!

We have the equipment we defined:

Certainly there are many more possibilities like expanding squad size, etc, note that some settings may or may not work.

Codes for editing is here: Custom Profile codes

Clothing IDs In case you want to play Sims in Enlisted (Thanks to @ErikaKalkbrenner)

Link to : Custom Profiles

Modified profile.JSON:
sea_predator_profile.json.txt (2,3 MB)


oh wow.

the hero of the forum :heart:

you have no idea how much i’m so thankfull.

( @Aurora_Pioneer_I check this out )

btw, i’ll make a gun thread regarding all the weapons name and munitions they use :+1: for easier and faster access


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Nice, thanks!

Hmmm… I tries do it before, but soldier didn’t changed…


I just tried it. Does not work. Post has been edited.

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Finally, I can make the most OP squad anyone can imagine

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Where did you get this file?

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Can we have 14 soldiers in a aquad?

You are free to try :slight_smile:
Probably yes


yep, you can
even more than 30


Yes, but you must consider the reality of physical hardware performance limitations and strike a balance between playability for multiplayer games.

According to my experiments, AI will also seriously affect server performance. A squad of less than 10 member may be more suitable


Also this is the reason why the biggest infantry squads consist at most 9 members:


i think the reason is the interface…
if you have more than 9 soldiers, the list of 'em will block your whole screen…
also soldier selector will be bagged…


Excuse me, Can I only allow players to use a certain team? For example,only enable the Soviet Army in Berlin and the Japanese Army in the Pacific :rofl:
@Bazsi37 @Пётр_Ликханов @tommyZZM @Devenddar

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yea i guess, in mod settings on the Mod Portal site (only historical, Battle of Berlin and the Pacific)

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But Berlin Germans and Pacific Allies will also come


so it is… impossible now?

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Probably not possible for players.

He about players, but not about bots.
And he wants disable ability to select berlin axis when berlin campaign is on.
This feature never was before. Because custom matches settings always overwrite that you set in editor.

Is this possible?

umm, yea… that is what i was talking about, saying