Current Win Percentage with Germans


My equipment in the Soviet and German squads is basically at the same level, but it seems that there is a huge difference… Is there still balance in the game? (especially in Berlin)
Meanwhile, matching BR3 players to BR5 opponents (or BR1 vs. BR3) is simply unreasonable!


As a major German player and minor USSR player, I would say:

Before the update, in Moscow German tanks are no match to USSR’s until Pz3J, and the flying tank IL2 is just OP. In Berlin though the Pz4H is still a matchbox to the beginner’s tank of USSR, at least the panther is quite good and the game is more or less balanced.

After the update, when I am using tier 2 tank T50, 80% chance I will be facing a tier 3 Pz4J which can 1 shot me at any distance and angle. But OK, I could still run away and find another angle since I am fast.

When I am using a Tier 3 tank like KV-1, 100% I will be facing a panther, tiger or tiger 2, even if it is a stalingrad map, what could I do? :upside_down_face:


I just leave t4-5 matches. There is no point fighting jumbos with pz 4 or tiger 2s with t34e stz


actual imbalance is not related to gear, but player population. extremely, laughably easy to solve: give a good, solid silver/xp bonus for joining any faction at random. SHAZAM!!! population fluctuation fixed!!!

DF: HAHAHAH!!! give MORE silver? MORE xp? this guy doesnt know who he is talking to…


That seems to be he most obvious option. But you just know they´re gonna half ass it and give us like a 10% boost when we need something like 25-50% boost. Try to force people to use quickplay without telling them to. Just nudge them into the right direction.


same here, USSR players seem to be clueless about the game, meanwhile playing German is a walk in the park.

I have 100% Germany WR
and 48% USSR WR

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from what i have experienced,

low br is almost and always full of panzer IV Js, i have yet to see a single kv1

while germans do get more tickets compared to allies. ( mostly in moscow and SG )

as for high brs,

welp… allies are mostly clueless


Pz IV J is for sure the most common tank in low BR battle, and I almost never seen any T-34 or Shermans.

Most (or maybe all) Soviets/US BR 3 players are getting redirected to high BR game due to player base imbalance, while german BR 3 player can enjoy low BR battle.


the biggest issue br5 fighting: soviet has no impact nade and has weaker mechanism than axis. Imagine capture a point and get only 100 ppl each time.


I’m deserting 80% of Soviet matches they are that bad, and para doesn’t seem to help at all since population is mostly not a problem but a skill level which for soviet players is extremely low.


BR III’s can complete with BR V’s. You are fighting a bunch of fleshbags. A bullet is a bullet and so long as you can put one in an enemy, and as long as your team can do the same, you can win. Simple as

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I’ve only been playing low-tier, but my German and Soviet win rate has been fairly high for both. It’s been about 50/50 with the US. Haven’t tried out Japan yet.

The problem is rather that these allies simply do not exist. If you take kv, you will be thrown into 4-5 br, because there are no allies there. If you take pz 4, you will be comfortable everywhere, because you are either at the level and stronger, or there is no opponent.


There are no players, what kind of skill?
no one wants to play for a faction that has a penalty on all maps, so there are also some moments missing- shock grenades, phosphorus, aviation level ju188 and p47. The top tank is garbage, which recharges for 20 seconds for this


everyone who understands what’s what in the game looks like this

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You are right, Germany is the most popular faction at the moment, no amount of OP equipment will change that, just give USSR and Japan extra silver and xp, players will be flocking for better grind conditions.


I always have to attack 4J with BT-7A(F32) or T-28E, which are already the best tanks for BR2 Sov. But there is a constant stream of 4J, and teammates are still driving cute T-60 and T-70 :smiling_face_with_tear:At least PPS-43 barely satisfies us.

That’s it……

In BR5, the main issues should be excessive manpower consumption and unreasonable point design. (a Tiger2H is sufficient to block the entire point, while IS2-1944 was even destroyed by the 250kg of Stuka/Ju188 from the beginning)
↑This caused many Soviet players to suffer and withdraw from the battle, gradually turning it into a pure bot farm
Weapons are basically balanced, and the tactical level of allies and enemies is equally good and bad at times. Many times there are equally random German players.


I’m sorry that I’m spoiling the Germans’ walk in the park.


Germany is extremely overpowered right now.

I desert over 80% of my games on USSR because I am the only person on the team.

My team is just bots bots bots

any match I win I have to play like hell against 10 gold stars. Look at the game time all games, 30+ minutes, I never get a steam roll game like I do on Germany where you just run forwards and game ends in 12 min.


Even with the addition of a free airborne division, considering the situation remains unchanged, even if the Maxim-Tokarev machine gun is added, even if the AK-47 is added, even if the T-14 is running in Berlin, the Soviet forces’ disadvantageous situation is unlikely to change. Should we wield the Nerf scythe against our German friends