Controllable tail gunners!

What will aiming the turret and the controls of the aircraft be mapped to when in control of the turret?


Usual WASD for control plane, aiming with the turret is on mouse


Very nice!

Say, ai tail gunners were a bit bugged lately (the bug was known). Will this update fix them at the same time? :thinking:


il-10 tail gunner also failed to shoot effectively

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Very nice.

Will this cause a re-evaluation of the attacker plane BRs? I would assume that some of them will become significantly more difficult to shoot down with players controlling the gunner.

So if I have split my airlerons on L stick for roll and rudder on dpad l-r, elevators on right stick it will still be possible ( so freelook was easier to use), we have two sticks on PS5, I’m just trying to understand how it will work, if i need a new control scheme for planes with gunners (attackers) on console. Which would be different to fighters… I hope you get my question(s).

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And what does that translate to on a controller?

Some small tech difficulties with event, but it will be bigger then just wrapped hammers.


ah i see the hint it is clear now

I asked one of my colleagues to respond to that, sorry.

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Would there be a way to implement it so when switching to a turret, it would override all the face buttons to act as WASD and have aiming and throttle be the joysticks as usual?

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Ju 188 A2 have mg131 as the tail gun! That will be f#ing good to defend my @s against fighters than my ai.
The ai works as an alert system as it fires when sth gets close.


Difficulties with this, I guess?

we will get wrapped sickles also? :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :eyes:

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Any plans for that? This will surely make gunners more useful

Is it possible for teammates to spawn as a tailgunner of another teammates plane? That would be so awesome and fun…

Maybe when selecting an attacking plane from your squad setup during the spawnscreen, you could either spawn as your attacking plane, or select a flying other attacking plane to spawn with your attacking pilot in the already flying bomber as a crewmate on the tailguns?

What do you think?

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Already existing perks working on tail gunners rn, i don’t that we need more perks for them right away.

Probably if you land on proper spot… and ask friend to get in… but it’s only my thoughts about it.

And surely no spawn mechanic for tailgunner for other player, i think it’s a bit excessive.

i thought the plane break if you land tho? or is that the case only when you exit?