Color Node on items - Spline Curve and cut on rendinsts - ability to change textures - ability to browse textures ( 4 Suggestions )

greetings developers.

today i come with more suggestions that will help out creators like my self and aid for a better management, and refine management regarding custom buildings.

without further ado, here are my 4 requests:

- Color Node Appliable to items:

( it doesn’t necessarely have to be like the one in the picture. but the idea is, the more it has of controls, the better usually is )

what i mean by this, is that it would be cool to being able to add a color node applicable to rendinsts, vehicles, clothing etcetera.

so, essentially, the node will recognize the object, create various various parameters for each texture that the object it self uses, and allows modders to tweak the color parameters to adjust and change based on their liking.

similar to how edit_color_node works, except about colors and only for objects.

because currently, we do not have any way of changing rendinst color, or vehicle colors.

beside the RGB ( or whatever system you guys use: 0.968, 0.968, 0.968, 1.0 ) this node would also need blend option, being able to outright reduce/replace a color within the panel or what not. up to developers possibilities

but with this hypothetical node, we would be able to create/make for example,

  • create greenscreens for content creator and Editor artists
    which they can mask it for their thumbnails, use those picture, remove the greenscreen, and tweak artificially the lightnings, etc.

  • change color of non weaponized vehicles
    P.S: i’m well aware that you could theoretically change color of vehicles through, for example;

// from cuisine royale


    value:p4=0.968, 0.968, 0.968, 1.0

problem are,
A. it’s cumber-stone and having to switch one and off each time just to check the color is less than ideal.
B. entities do not work online.
C. Does not work on all vehicles

so a dedicated node would solve a lot of issues, and above all, make it possible ( hopefully working online )

  • Ability to get colors that normally aren’t present in the game.
    so, for example, if i wanted to color a glass/tire/piece of clothing etc of pink, blue etc, with this system i’d be able to do just that.

but currently, we have no way of doing that.

- Spline Curve and cut on rendinsts

( i’m not entirely sure if it’s the correct name. )


in order to understand better this point, i want to cover our struggles when creating custom buildings.

majority of the time, when we want to create for example, a curved window, a curved streed and many other objects that lacks of cuves ( or straightness depending from objects ) this spline integrated in the rotation ( or would need it’s own keybind and separate tool option at the top left like any other ) would allow to have more manipulation over the object in order to be able to tweast it. ( if it’s even possible ).

Spline curves and cut on rendinst would allow to being able to manipulate an object in finer details.
or, for example, being able to use a square, resize it and then use the spline curve and cut on rendinst to cut it into a triangle if needed. ( whether it be because there are no other triangles using the same material / shape of the same kind and what not.

- Ability to change Textures and resize them

( this guy probably address it better than what i’m trying to convey )

Youtube link

Questo testo verrà nascosto

this request links in and somewhat share the previous issues with the Spline curve and cut rendinst issue as well.

but it would be greatly appreciated being able to apply textures onto rendinsts and any other object to match other pieces to be visually appealing and not straight up look like a sore thumb.

because contless time i ( just as much as the next person ) have to resort to lego type of buildings:

where despite being only one building, it has 3 or more different colors.

outside rendinsts, it allows to change materials of objects and always give a fresh new look based on the modder preferences to eventually have infinite possibilities to create different looks and what not.

same would apply to vehicles, clothing, and generally being able to change things with others.

another important feature in order to prevent stretched textures, are the ability to resize them. so that we can fix and scale textures in order to look a bit more natural and fix various artifact that might have happened.

and should theorically work like the color node on items previously described. where this node will recognize the object, list all the textures being used, and this time around, instead of numbers to change the color, it will allow modders to change textures on the get go.

and to conclude, this function can either be integrated already in the information panel, or make it into a node so that modders can simply add it as postfix and tweak what they need.

last but not least for today suggestion which greatly ease out the process of replacing:
similar to another title;

- ability to browse textures


this would allow modders to scroll through a menu of where all the textures can be seen through folders of association and by right clicking on the textures, it will automatically save the texture name in the clipboard for easy copy and paste prcoess.

which then modders can use to quickly find textures in particular and then replace them using the previous suggestion node.

and that’s about it.


i’ll start by saying that i understand it’s quite alot of work. and most likely, not priority.

i am well aware.

but i’d argue those are features that are quite essentially to modders and should to the very least, be present in any editor. ( matter of fact, many editors of many others titles do ) but it’s not meant to be " ha ha enlisted bad!" not at all. just trying to improve it along side everyone else.

if any other modders have additional cents to improve and aid in this endevour, do not be afraid to speak up. i’ll might add them depending on the feedbacks received upon said ideas.

and if something wasn’t clear, let me know.


Arma 3 has an equipment editor where you can visually customize the clothes and equipment of soldiers without getting into files. This is if developers allow you to customize user profile.


i completely forgot about the sim room of arma 3.
which it’s actually a great example.

my only issues are,
i have yet to see a built in menu or viewer like the ones in arma 3 inside enlisted’s editor.
all we got so far, are the interactive schedule from the tab menu which you can select, move, delete, and what not.
but no " physical" stuff that you can rotate so to speak.

either way, i’ll add it. and see what we can manage.

perhaps as a third application of where it’s just an empty room similar to the arma 3 one?

because anything that helps to make profiles easier to do, it’s a plus from me.


edit, i think i’ll make it’s own thread.

because i feel like this one has already kinda too much inside.

and are more related to custom buildings, and generally tweak textures.

I hope they do tools for export models from War Thunder and CRSED


as much i’d like that,

being able to create SW mods, war hammer ones and what not,

it’s kinda a land mine for bad actors to abuse.

and above all, leads to having people to download more content than just the mission it self. which might take more times with people that have bad internet.

removing console players from the occasions.
when it comes to modding ( even just hangars. they don’t get access to that )

right now, i’m trying to make things working within the editor.

because such turns off and time consuming actions are often tied to having to change the blk / entities, save, restart, check if it worked, and if it didn’t, switch back, correct, repeat until it’s all good.

not particularly against it, because i do have planes for that as well, but first, i’d say let’s consolidate and make the editor a bit more stable and improve it for faster and easier use.

Until i read “4 suggestions” i was like



About the suggestions:

1: Good one.
2: You can kind of already do this with tthe resize tool? Yes it looks shit.
3: Similar to #1. +
4: The eas(ier) solution would be the same for all 4 points:

Just give us a proper DaEd CDK (not sdk!) and not this cut back mission editor. Also #4 serves no purpose without a texture painter.

well… not quite.

because i can’t make curves.

for example, i can’t make the prominadate stairs used to make streets a curve.

or, for example, i can’t currently cut rendinst and make them into a shape that i’d like. for example, use pillars similar of a material that i used, onto making various shapes currently not available with the same material.

i suppose now that i think about it, create perhaps a poligon changable that modders can use.

but honestly for me, i’d find it more simplier to just use stuff that i have, cut them / transform them into shape that i need, and then adjust the texture it self to not looked stretched.

i’d say we could just improve what we have, and make it better. instead of having different programs on different … stuff.

and what not.

well, not at all.

because those are different thing.

what you are reffering is what i previous suggested ( probably lost in the ether of the forum as usual: Add texture Sprayer in the tools For the editor - concept idea )

what i’m talking about here, is being able to view all the textures through folders ( for example, a dedicated folder for each building, clothing etceter like any other normal game so far ) which modders can than copy the texture name, and through the 3rd " tool/node " would allow modders to change anything that they want, with everything that they need.

to make an example, as i’m someone who works with alot of details in maps and astetics, i’d like to apply snowed metals onto vehicles, to sell the effect.

change certain objects that have a different shape with a specific material while keeping the rendinst the same.

or for example, change entirely the material of the chassy of vehicles, wheels, clothing ( in a refined way )

you still need to view textures in order to apply rather than opening various dpxs inside the enlisted folder all by your self just to find a name, and not sure what it does. without mentioning, currently you cannot see what a texture is until you apply it.

and sorry, but as i went through 400 textures, i still have to see specific glasses / invisible textures, tinted glass from the normandy church and many others.

as much i enjoy the editor, i’d like to speed up the process. and having a side menu that shows you in real time the texture in one panel that you can copy and apply in less than few minutes. one place where you can find them all.


Not good for performance reasons. Rendering and collisions work fast because of known predefined static geometry of rendinsts. That’s why such add/cut/bend/twist/subdivide/etc transformations absolutely MUST be done beforehand in general-purpose 3D editors like Blender or Maya and then exported as NEW rendinsts models and added to game via client resources mod packages. Which are not supported yet. Duh :slight_smile:

P.S. Until game editor will support general-purpose geometry resources baking for game. Which could be done, but will be big thing. Hmm.


Which are not supported yet.

:eyes: :eyes:

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thanks for the answer.

that’s one out from the equasion out of 3. ( or 4. depends how you look at it ).

and i hope you can slighlty forgive me for going on a slight tangent, but it is somewhat related.

can we… ugh… get at least a hint on what we can expect? or comes
regarding the editor.

i don’t know… maybe tools? improvements? etc


it’s all good and all.

and just to be clear, i don’t want to sound rude, or put pressure/hurry on no one.
but… they told us 2 months ago ( precisely 46 days ago. the 8th of july ) that we would have gotten answers, started to communicate more frequently, yet we don’t really know much about anything at this point.

just to name a few;

which, understandably, i don’t demand answer, and i didn’t expected to get answer 10 days after the quoted message at the top was made.

what i didn’t expected, is no confirmation, no messages, no new guides, nothing at all.

and as much i don’t demand answer right away, or, by the same individual as i’d think there’s a team behind the editor ( r-right? we don’t know much about that either. the only people we get often referred to from officials, are you. no other names have been " dropped ". )

i get that there are other priorities.

but… is there anything at all for us modder to know?

how can we prentively fix our mods when the merge will drop ( even though, is not a concern as it was when i made that post )

just anything that we can at least know?

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I would naturally expect new things in updates. It could be not relevant to announce them beforehand as not all of them may be in ready state even at moments of updates. So what will be released depends on what will be ready.

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well… can’t complain. ( outside the " And next month we’ll start communicating with the author community even more actively ". this, is really frustrating. but not sure you can do much about that either )

nevertheless, i just hope changes will be linked on some sort of notepad ( and no more stuff disappearing ).

which it’s fine, but again, ahead of time would prevent further issue and be able to maintain our mods and fix them relatively easy. if … we’d know the changes ahead of time.

that’s all.