Changes suggested after testing the update

that’s funny, you said you won’t do that,

one can only hope you’ll keep your word upon vechicle repair cost :slight_smile:


The squad filter is really, really nice. Thanks for that.

What would make all perfect, if possible, is to upgrade preset options. By that I mean:

  • make all preset independent from each others. So that when creating a preset, I can choose soldiers and weapons from the entire pool, those already in other presets included. That way it will be easier to create presets with many different battle ratings, to play with friends.

that is much better!

Could be potentially exploited to significantly skip progression via GO. Guy could get Tiger from get go.

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plz remove the blocking mechanism when first grouped vehicle is not researched.
As a Berlin player, I’ll have to research a tank and a plane to reach the Tiger and FW190(which I am researching in old server)
my warthunder grinding PTSD is back

What he meant was mostly that:

Your Normandy tanker 1 squad, cannot equip the pz2, but your squad from Moscow, can. It’s confusing.

The tiger would only be equipped in tanker 3 squads, for example. Wouldn’t break much.


Because tanker squads are separated into progression I II III and then legacy ones.

Imho, I think it make sense.

Thanks for the awesome changes. I have a small feedback with regards to customization. In the test server you gave us the option to change our appearance based on the current campaigns like the Battle of Normandy or the Battle of Berlin. But it makes little sense since we will now play on maps based on different BRs. This also creates a situation where we don’t get access to half the customization options available across multiple campaigns in the same timeframe. Please fix this by letting us change our appearance either 1. Chronologically (Early, Mid, Late) or 2. Ecologically (Urban, Forest, Desert, Snow). I made a post about this but thought about highlighting it here as well.


I don’t like the change regarding no more than 2 Assaulter Squads. At the moment you can already have more. Understandable for flamethrowers, unfortunately. This will massively increase the value of the premium flamethrower squad.


Limiting assaulter squads to 2 a bad nerf for USSR that relies on assault groups even in history


Not much going to change with my Berlin lineup, i could add a plane after merge and maybe new sniper or engineer or flamethrower and that’s it.

Premium STG45(M) still sucks so why would i want to use it? It should get buffed firerate from awful 450 to 600, like mp43/1 but not as high as stg44 (650)
Filter looks great, economy is much more player friendly so good job on those changes.


Yes exactly, I mean, if a vehicle is usable by a tier 1 squad, then any tier 1 squad should be able to equip it… just a QoL thing.

But a squad of tanker 1, could not equip a King tiger for example.


Was hoping for 0 but thanks for more reasonable price.

Could we have system similair to customization where we only pay at the end, so maybe we could try changin perks to see what we could change without doing math each time, or waiting for someone to do web perk build sim


Please, don’t act like a RedParrot… (get it? Red for red army, uhuhuh I’m so clever…)


No… It’s a nerf for players that only take assaulters over assaulters and assaulters and let’s have also assaulters

Imo a much needed change. Specially for some squad types, assaulters included.


This is a great idea


Currently only 2 squads can take KT, if his suggestion was implemented more squads could take it.

But I guess it’s irrelevant either way now, since we will be able to take only two anyway.


Then you must think 9-soldier M2 Carbine and FG42II squad must be less OP than 6-soldier MKB right?


This is pure stupidity, If i want to play as a Sniper - I shouldn’t be hindered at picking 3 squads of the same type - if I want to play as tanker I should be able to focus on this role.

This restriction is not gonna solve anything, but its gonna make gameplay stupid as hell, being forced to fill a role and playstyle that you don’t want to play is pure bs.


Yeah that’s my Soviets Berlin. Axis Berlin is way more calm and chill.