⭐"Burning Sky" update

Another Awesome Tank for Soviets UUURRAA
Yeeeah Allies suffers bad, give them more Power
Nerf Germany!!!
What did you Guys smoke? Share it!

UUURRAA too for the Premium Squads in Stalingrad


I just wanted to thank you for the update and specially that flasks are buyable with Bronze orders. It gives me the feeling that you listen to the community. Thank you


Everything, great additions to the game. New stuff makes the game way more special.

I knew that premium squads cost a lot and i was not surprised that the new ones would cost like 45$ but i did not expect the stalingrad premium squad with the ppsh to be that expensive, i mean you literally get only skins in a first person shooter for 45$ with a gun which is completely free with another skin. Big sad :pensive:


Thank you. If I :heart: your post, then I read your feedback and pass it on to the developers.




Love the addition of Italian equipment in Tunisia, I hope the trend continues in the future.

I am disappointed in the new aircraft options in Tunisia. We already have spitfires and 109’s in the game, I want to see more Italian and British planes without having to buy them as premium squads.



Things I LOVE:
The Premium Pilots for Italian Attacker plan. (Just fantastic soldiers)
Retroactively making the smoke grenades Italian.
Italian Impact Grenades.
Italian Radios for the Premium Squad!!!
Italian “Flasks” (In English we would call it a canteen, flasks are generally used to refer to refillable portable alcohol containers)
Italian Assault Squad.
New missions!!!

Things I find okay:
Italian attacker plane. ( I would like a “free” one at some point)

Things I don’t like.
Italian uniforms and units still inaccurate. (This list is long and has been expressed many times in many places on this forum)
Not applying the Italian Radio changes to the 1st Signals Company.

As an Italian Faction Enthusaist… this is a wonderful patch. Thanks guys!!!


@1942786 why can we buy the flask and Binos with GOLD in Stalingrad i tought Stalingrad wont have that option

Awesome updates guys but can you fix the plane controls so I can swap sticks for throttle.

Future ideas
Airfields for pilots to land and repair.

Mechanised infantry spawn in with a half track.

Defenders spawn in first at beginning of the match.

Target finding sights for bombers and attack planes.

Better partical effects for bullets and explosives when hit surfaces ie. Dry soil
, wet soil, water,snow

Mobile aa,

Use the comic book posters as loading screens show to remind players that they can do certain actions in game.


Thank you for this amazing update!
Are we going to see working tank hull mgs one day or the other?


I WANT this

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If I may: lots of things still on the wish list, hull mgs included

Overall, an excellent content update. However, can the dev team focus on Stalingrad levels and especially maps for next update?

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i should probably say something positive first so that you might take my feedback seriously.
some cool new campaign levels, tiger II and drum thompson i like alot.
very good that you are bringing movable AT guns and shovels to other campaigns.
nation specific mg nests are also nice.
i like impacts i guess

the prices are absolutely horrible again. selling 5 ppsh’s (which you get in the campaign already even without the pass) for more than sniper elite 5 at launch is fucking insane.

premiums in stalingrad

new stuff in moscow heavily favours soviets (again). its going to become a soviet PvE campaign

inability to buy bundled premiums separately despite them being advertised as if you can. (i really wonder if this is legal)

new fighters in tunisia have no way of attacking the ground (again)

new drum thompson v the fourth m38 beretta in campaign thats already allies dominated in terms of player numbers

AS44 shouldnt be there and StG 45(M) is a big stretch aswell

this is just off the top of my head before even playing a match but i still feel these critizisms are more than valid (especially the premium prices)

a few more after seeeing the stats in game

2.3 second reload on the drum thompson, thats absolutely nothing for a drum mag. for referance M1 and M1A1 thompson has 3 seconds. really hoping this is a bug

StG sniper statistically inferior to the mkb sniper. nerfing the firerate was unnecessary and dumb


Just a question @1942786 the new italian and british models (grenades and radio) are great, but why not (instead of replacing the old models) make for example italian and german models indipendent? Like if you are a german soldier you get german radio, backpacks and mines, if you are an italian you get italian stuff


Not all people like the recoil thing in Stalingrad. For me and my friends it’s better to keep Stalingrad as Stalingrad while Others as Others.

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KeoFox, i like to thank the entire DEV team. for this greate game, whit huge potetional.

i like the fact we can now move the AT guns, by using muscle of the soldiers.

i think flask has a bit OP, and for binoculars i expecting something expensive, 1 bronze order has realy cheap.

the shovels, need to have build orders like the hammers of the engineers. to allow the bots do the hard work.

i am a bit sad that there has no expressive AI advance in this major update. check my sugestions they are getting real good,

start whit easy coded stuff. like this one

will be easy make the bots realod they guns in a ammo crate.


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Also, two issues.

  1. Stg45 and stg44 seem to be inferior than mp43/1.
  2. Italian got fxxked hard by Thompson with 50 round mag. Biggest issue is 2.3 sec of reloading, so fast for a drum mag.

ayo what the fuck did you do to the sniper StG firerate??


Fixed “Rare cases of AI-soldiers falling through the floor.”? Nah y’all are capping