Squad Replenish Ammo order, and Replenish Friest aid kits, (in case of stalingrand medic boxes)

The ideia is very very simple and easy coded, aim a ammo box or medic box (stalingard case) press X and all soldier go there and grab ammo or medic kits,

aditional a green simbol will apear in the top of the box either what box is. and soldier will go get some ammo.

also it will be nice to soldiers do it smartly, grab ammo, reload the gun, and grab more ammo so it,s full both the gun loaded and the Inventory.

Also in case of medkits, the guys will grab medkit, use it if needed then grab more, no one knows what come in. it will effective turn medics into real healers.



I like it. Simple , effective. BANG On !

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im not sure but i think you can already do it by fast press X 2 times.

no, i tested has fast i read you topic,

but thacks any way.

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