Box Obstacle

Playing the strategies and passing the large empty boxes is not fun. I’ve tried MOD editing with RendInsts, but cant reload pistol. I tried adding a repawn in region point but didn’t work.

There is one topic here a guy asked to put a scope on a snipe rifle. The guy followed the directions. I learned from that post to add more: object, text, integrate, array and found why the properties can get demanding. I kept trying other boxes to see how properties change. I start with Entity Mission Supply, because I can get supplies there. I looked into the properties and tried reestablishing the scripting. My efforts failed to get a resupply from any ammunitions box… are examples, screenshots or tutorials ready to MOD a resupply box available?

You can find info about it there: :question: Your questions about the mission editor and launching user missions in the game.
In short: you will need to add gun__numReserveAmmo, gun__reserveAmmoTemplate and team__ownedByTeam.

  • gun__numReserveAmmo set maximum possible amount of ammo that you can got from ammunitions boxes.

  • gun__reserveAmmoTemplate set ammo that you can got from ammunitions boxes. You will need to write there ammo template. For example mauser98k_magazine or mp40_magazine. Property gun__ammoHolders contains info which ammo weapon uses.

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Hey, I tried all the entity moves, but I failed to get any ammo from crate near a sand wall. I saw that I added the resupply_zone as a option to spawnInRegion but didn’t load any ammo. I also tried added a simple box entity and played with template: back and forth to see which templates with load in properties. The only template that was useful was when a medic soldier throw a med box in front of my squad. I pressed F12 and looked into the med box properties. The icon of bullets had me wondering that this is what I was wanting. A box of supplies to grab and go. To all the modders seeing those ammo on the ground; there all empty. How to add an entity or more challenging spawnInRegion to grab and go supplies?

resupply_zone entities probably only for vehicles/aircraft. Also exacly resupply_zone may not work.

If you want to create ammunition box then you need to write +base_fortification_build in template postfix.
After that create ammunition_box_a entity. And in properties edit team and builder_info_team.

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