Why sniper weapons don't have scope in the mod editor

I am trying to create a mission with the mod editor and I want to add sniper rifle, but they don’t have scope and I don’t know how add scope on this weapons.
Can someone help me ?



You can add them by editing customProp property.
There more info about it:
:question: Your questions about the mission editor and launching user missions in the game
Scope in weapon that placed on map will be not appears, but it will be after pickup.


Thank you very much !!!


Go into customProps and add object value gunMods, to that value add text value scope and in there you can put the scope you want.


I have an other question: where can I find the RMN-50 in the mod editor? And also where can I find AT grenade/rocket launcher ammo?


Name: neiman_minethrower
Ammo: neiman_mine_item

M9 Bazooka: m6a3_bazooka_item
M1 Bazooka: m6a1_bazooka_item
Panzerfaust 60: panzerfaust_60_shell_item
Panzerfaust 100: panzerfaust_100_shell_item
RPzB 43 Ofenrohr: rpzb_gr_4322_item
GrB-39: gross_panzergranate_46_item
Sturmpistole: panzerwurfkorper_42_item
type_5_45_at_rocket_launcher: type_5_rocket_item
type_4_70_at_rocket_launcher: type_4_at_7cm_item



Sorry, do you know if it’s possible to change the stats of a weapon, for example make a mauser Kark 98 with a full auto mode or reduce the time of reloading of the RMN 50.

I finally found some answers and I did that but it don’t work:
(obj) CustomProps
gun_reloadTime O.5

The time of reloading is still the same as usual, not 0.5 second
Can you help me?

Worth noting is that anti tank ammo shows up under “other items” and not “weapons” in the menu.

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Some weapons may have two reloading states/anims.
If you need to increase reloading with single bullets then you need to edit single_reload__prepareTime / single_reload__loopTime / single_reload__postTime.

If you will edit fire modes property

Then your mod will not work in multiplayer.

But you still can make full auto kar98k.
You can… For example put stg_44 on map and edit animchar__res.

But keep in mind that you can’t change some animations…


I made some stupid weapons a while ago: Reddit - Dive into anything
almost anything is possible

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I edited animchar_res like you, and the weapon beacame a kar98k but when I pick up it, it beame an stg 44 again. I tryed to change item_weapTemplate and it became a real kar98k, without full auto mode.
Can you help me?

I changed animchar__res also in customProps.

Yes, I know, I did that too.


Is it possible to change the bullets fired from a stationary machine gun? Or to increase their damage to make them penetrate well armoured tanks?

I would like to make an antitank mg

(Sorry for the bad english😅)

Yes. It’s possible to do. Just edit gun__shells.

You can put there shell from antitank rifle

Or even from tank cannon. For that you need to create tank and then restart or sit on this.
After that in game will be created tank weapon entities and you can find them by using find entity.

Also for increase bullet damage you can to edit gun__kineticDamageMult

But seems it don’t help against tanks.

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Thank you!!

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Sorry to bother u again…
I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain my question very well since my english level is bad

But, is it possible to change the squads you start with in the mission editor or/and customize them (giving them different helmets, uniforms, weapons ecc)?

Like for example, when I choose to start a new mod in Tunisia’s map, set squad respawns and start the battle it will only let me choose between these specific squads:

is it possible to change them with something like tanker III squad, engeneer II, paratroopers squads ecc…?

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Yes it’s possible to do. You can edit squad preset.
There is guide: Custom Profiles - Another look (Guide)
Yep. It’s seperate file and you will need code it a bit.

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