Bombs and HE stealth nerfed? Bugged?

I have put my Calliope back in thanks to additional slot, but rockets really seem less explosive than before. Same as Mosquito bomber, dropped bombs next to tanks and just seem to get turret ring damage, they are 500lb (corrected) bombs???

I have always known lower caliber guns are less explosive, but some of the medium tanks seem to struggle nowadays.

Anyone able to confirm, test or check back end code?

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Yesterday I killed different IS2 with the FW D12 50kg bomb, so no Bomb are not nerfed you probably get some unlucky drop


I feel it is inconsistent sorry mate

I feel you just get a bad time,no one nerfed nothing

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Sometimes I throw bombs at enemies (100 250)
But even if it falls on the enemy or is at an extremely close distance, you still cannot see the breakdown prompt (it cannot be destroyed)

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They were always bugged.

German 50kg bombs are veritable nukes on par with much larger allied bombs sometimes
Its fucking comical

there wasn’t any nerfs to HE in general, quite the opposite in fact. Since the Tiger 1’s HE was buffed

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Instead, shoot at the soldiers’ feet or at the walls near and behind them.

The first shell goes into the ground well in front, the others either directly behind the building or too far in front. It would have been necessary to hit the window frame for the explosion to go inside.

Sometimes the bombs fall into a little hole and makes no damage at all, it doesn’t matter if you are a meter from the explosion, another thing is that little rubbish will take all the damage, pretty incosistent, apparently developing this game it’s hard.

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I have the impression that they are digging into the ground. It would be nice if they exploded.

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Thanks, but could you do a few tests, whirlwind, Mosquito bombs seem dud, among other planes?

Maybe not an intended change but possible bug?

500lbs not 500kg.


Same for the Scot and that feel more like a massive nerf. Normally the explosion is huge but now it ressamble a explosion of a frag grenade

No. And it’s just another one of this games many bugs and ‘features’.

Logged on CBR hoping my clan mates will comment, it is not just me saying this…

here is quick kill on tiger II P on practice range with soviet a20. notice that difference between soviet a20 and american a20 is that soviet one has 100kg bombs, while american has 500lbs bombs (250kg equivalent).

cant test mosquito, but seems like skill issue?

btw here are stats for bombs.

for 100kg one you need to drop bomb inside 3.7-4.8m radius of tank without any obstacles. 500lbs ones are more forgiving with 8.5-12.5m without obstacles. you are probably either missing bombs or you are dropping them on terrain with obstacles or uneven terrain.


I dropped right next to tanks, I’m not an expert but usually drop on target, will back up with video, so you can review maybe.

I am not going mad or have skill issue, here is short vid of me dropping two 500lb on Japanese tank, I think you can see for yourself they are pretty much next to the tank.

Maybe a replay would also help?

Yes you could take a look.
Seems a bit early drop perhaps.
I killed plenty tanks with the whirlwind yesterday, in my first 2 battles with it.

BTW nice that you use AP-1