Bigote sound mod V0.6 (outdated)

V0.7 Available now: Bigote Sound Mod V0.7 "Mustache Fury update"

ADVISE: i forget upload antitank weapons sounds, just use the v.05 sounds for that sounds

New sounds for Far rifles, refresh of STG and DP, new sounds for many weapons, a better panzer 2 kwk, and new explosions

I have worked a lot, and I was waiting for today to release this version of the sound mod

Notes of this patch:
I changed a lot of sounds, so I may not remember something
Winchester, STG, MKB42, DP27, AVS, AVT, Browning auto 5, Winchester 1912, Toz b, M30 lutwaffe, British browning 7.7, soviet anti air 25K, Kar kriegsmodell (to my old kar sound), kwk 30 of panzer 2 (it maybe affects antiair guns), mkb35, ovp and mk36 III, PDM42 and kbp, ross rifle, change in 75MM usa, turner rifle, Browning M2, MG151 v2
Links (there its not difference whit drive and mediafire, its the same file)

I will apreciate any bug report or any feedback, or suggestion, its welcome

you dont know how to install the mods: check my tutorial

Little preview:

All weapons changed since V1: weapons whit different sounds since modpack 0.1
PZB38, 39, PTRS41, Polish AT rifle
MP38,MP40, MG34, MG42
PPD34, 34/38, PPD40
Springfield 1903 common and pedersen (pedersen had mp40 sound)
Browning 1919A6
Suomi 31
Mosin nagant and Mosin m38, Kar98k, enfield series, M1 garand, Gewer 41, 43, STG44, MP43, MP34, MP28, MP18, welgun, M1 and M2 carbine, ZK383
Carcano and monchetto
fg42 1
m3 Grease gun
bereta m38 and all derivates
madsen, maxim MG, Maxim tokarev
MG13, MG30
PPS42, 43
SIG 1920 , Japanese MP28
Sten mk2
zb26, breda 30
all pistols less mauser c96
arisaka 38, 99
manlicher 1895 and m93
svt 38, 40, VG 1.5
Bren MG
browning M2, MG17, DP28, Tank DT, New M38, Some fixes, RD4
75mm usa
Rocket launcher (for all faction the same sound)
MG17 (stuka MG)
MG151 (the plane one)
Winchester rifle and shotgun
AVS, AVT, Browning auto 5
Kar kriegsmodell
m30 lutwaffe, Toz B
Panzer 2 KWK
mkb35, ovp and mk36 III, PDM42 and kbp, ross rifle,


god bless

ohh , my boi . I can’t wait to test this I’m already downloading , the sound of the Winchester seems very aggressive, I liked that

Love your work.

The plane sounds have been my biggest interest of late. Will check out hurricane

Can you make a V5.0 STG sound vision ?I like old sound style

this mod it’s really great.

and the ro2 sounds are just cheff kiss.

in all honestly though, i was a bit disappointed that the kreigsmodel kar 98 had ro2 mosin sound, but the mosin nagant had another sound.

but for the rest, really, really great :slight_smile:

anyway, this sound mod will come in handy :wink:



Next update

Probably i would use ro2 mosin for m38 carbine :grin:

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Oh spartanovka

Beautiful, not like bridge of druzhina,
the only map that existed in ro2

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i was planning on making the bridges of druzhina. and partially began.

we… only lack decent terraform tool to do a perfect job though…

and as i made half part, fps started decreasing :frowning:

( p.s. i did not make spartanovka on my own. i only made the town hall, profiles and various weapons. all credits goes to yopsius . he sent me the files and allow me to complete the mission to make the various campaign missions. but i wanted to let peps know about my wherabouts :eyes: )

anyway, as it stands out, the mg42 will be pleasing for all enjoyers.

even better with a 250 rounds version :wink:


i’m a dumbass.

i just realized the kriegsmodel does have the right noise.

it sounded just a bit different than i remember.


I Will fix it

I really hope they gave you the special engineer portrait for all your work :zipper_mouth_face:

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ww2_weapon_antivehicle.assets is not in v6, should we continue using the v5 file?
I guess that’s the one responsible for launchers?

oh, i forget, damn
that rocket means the rocket tanks
in few hours i will update whit the antivehicle sounds

wait did everyones sound mods become broken since update? because i don’t think my death scream mods are working? if that is the case, I refuse to update it since I’m too damn lazy

only weapon sounds

Nope, I just tried and I think my sound mod is broken… then again I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with the BLK modification that Sergei told me to do in the original post… something not right… This update is pissing me off. not only now did the game have crash issues, but now I have the damn sound mods not working anymore… I’m too old for this crap… If the game crashes again later tonight I’m leaving enlisted for a long long time until developers have the confidence to make the game work… PROPERLY!

I will do something better

In a more than 10 days I will try to make version 0.7, focusing on portable rocket launchers and looking for a sound suitable for the KWK 75 and 76 of Germans

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take this tip

use a updated bank (of the game)

and just replace all the sounds whit your original sound mod, unpack and try it

I don’t even remember how to do it and I’m too lazy to do it. if someone else wants to bring back my sound mods then go make one yourselves lol. I QUIT!