Battle Pass: Fall Season of 2023

October 25th marks the launch of the new season of Battle Pass! And today we present you the list of rewards that you should expect with it.


Breda PG (CR) («Ось», Тунис)

Breda PG (CR) (Axis, Tunisia)

This version of the Breda PG 1935 rifle, made for the Costa Rican government, has several key differences from the original Italian version: it uses 7х57mm Mauser rounds and features an automatic fire mode with a four-round burst limiter. This unique feature allowed the rifle to reach a much higher fire rate than the stated 350 rpm.


T20E1 Rifle (Allies, Normandy/Pacific)

This rifle is one of experimental variants of the Garand M1 with an automatic fire mode and a detachable magazine holding 20 rounds. John Garand proposed this rifle as a replacement for the BAR machine gun to the US army. After WWII was over, this experimental design was used as a basis for the development of the famous M14 rifle, which is still in service to this day.


Type Hei rifle (late) (Axis, Pacific)

As many other Japanese weapons, by the end of the war the Type Hei rifle underwent a few technological changes. Its design was slightly simplified, which increased the fire rate and improved the reload speed. The weapon was equipped with a 10-round magazine and retained its long sharp bayonet, which was essential for the army.


Gorov light machine gun (Allies, Berlin)

This machine gun, which was unusual for the Soviet design school and vaguely resembled the Bren, underwent testing in 1942. Being very light and using the Lahti-Saloranta M/26’s 20-round magazine, it’s much more like a semi-automatic rifle. And that’s why you can arm most soldier classes with this machine gun!

As usual, the list of rewards isn’t limited to just weapons. Here’s what else the new Battle Pass season will bring you.

Four new unique soldiers with the best stats for their level await you! And alongside them, four vehicles with unique camouflages!

And finally, instead of a poster, this season will offer you a portrait.

“American officer” portrait

Keep following the news, Commanders, the most important announcements are still to come!


Wow, it’s not going to be postponed, what a surprise to me.


No merge ?

Anyway, all this weapons seems really nice ! Was waiting for that sweet Garand for a long time.

Test server is planned before the update. And there’s like 5 days to new season, lol.
So update will definitely not come with new BP season.


Only 4 new BP weapons (because only 4 factions instead of 6x2 factions)… And only 4 new repaints needed for new BP season…
Previously, we can get at almost double amount of new stuff in new BP season.
BTW, RIP posters

Also due to greatly reduced types of orders . I bet next BP season reward will be pretty boring also. Silvers cycling again and again? And plus RP?


You are right, I did not checked that ! Quite surprised they did not wait for the merge though.

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Guess Germans get a new G43k-like rifle

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beside, welcome additions :+1:

i worked so hard making my own t14 :joy: too

( but, i’m glad the T20E1 it’s in the base game )

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Interesting, this mean base version of t20 and breda pg maybe can come as free unlock in the future


@James_Grove Can you please show us the other vehicles for this season? :pleading_face::pleading_face::pray:


welp, wont say no to a Breda and a Panzer IIIN skin


a 4 round burst interesting but idk if i should buy it since i dont think axis tunisia is doing good rn but idk i will try it and see if axis tunisia is worth it

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Tunisia Axis cease to exist after next major update. And this weapon looks pretty decent.


It’s a good looking one


My gold orders will go for it ofc.


i mean yea i will buy it after merge sure but im talking about rn so yea it a decently hard decision for me
it kinda like me tempted to buy the mandrago rifle(or whatever it call) rn it pretty good but i have fg 42 and stuff

one that might be:


( which has more yellow compared to the grind one: )


nope. it has confirmed by james a few message down below that it won’t come this bp.

so… this one might be for other bps.

and / or premium.


unfortunately, all the others in the editor are already ones that we have / had in the base game.


Looks like another no effort GO.


I wonder if the Panzer IIIN will be a Normandy reskin, or a combination of Stalingrad and Normandy (meaning HEAT rounds)

Could be an amazing gold order.

camo is different though

( forgive my crappy lights )