"Battle For The Reichstag" release! [Custom Hangar]

Hello comrades!

I released my newest fully custom hangar mod called “Battle For The Reichstag”.
A very unique dynamic hangar with different weather, located around the Reichstag. Feel the atmosphere of the last defense of the german Reich. Enjoy an airshow of figherplanes, soviet bombers and the King Tiger defending the Reichstag! :wink:

Link to my mod:


New backgrounds for the entire menu!

I spend a really long time on creating and designing this hangar, i hope you like it. :slight_smile:
Thanks to @devenddar for helping me a lot during the process of creating this mod.

Make sure to try it out! :wink:


A good custom hangar )


Looks awesome, well done


Thank you, i spent months on it :slight_smile:

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looks good, can you do one where its constantly night with fire lights like on the second pic?


Great job as always.


Changing plans. I think i will upload a night only version too, with more fire and a calmer atmosphere. But for that i think i need some more days. But for you my friend, i will do it and tag you when it is finished :wink:

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very nice! i made a video about how to install hangars and tried out all hangars before…not a single one was a good night one. yours will be easily the best one in that regard.

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Should i do it with all the planes? or should i remove the fighters and have only bombers fly calmly in the night sky? also you could hear the night sounds and animals with reduced gunshots volume, making it a cooler calmer atmosphere. Also with less gunshots you could actually hear the fire sounds too… What do you think?

So for the night version i want to:

  • Reduce the amount of gunshot sounds (some quiet gunshots can still be heard from the distance) and adding calm night sounds
  • Remove fast fighter planes, so only the heavy bombers in the night sky will fly
  • Maybe increase the amount of fire/burning stuff

What do you think? What would you change my friend?


Lovely hangar !

My favorite one so far ! set on night its just perfect !

Thank you so much!


very nice :+1:


yeah fire sounds are amazing and much better than random shooting thats in the game everywhere already. some bombers withouth fighters is also good.

more burning and cool light/shadow effects is great!


Ahh coments like these make me very happy :smile:

Because many of you guys like the night version the most, i am working on uploading a calm night version only, with less action and more of that awesome night atmosphere. I will also try to improve the light and fire a little bit, to make it the perfect night hangar!

It will be uploaded in the coming days, almost guaranteed in this week. Thank you for the nice comments everyone, it pays off spending months on such mods :slight_smile:


Ngl I like the night one with planes and all the action., I wish more planes were passing by close to the inf. That did look amazing!

The tank firing when I m looking at my soldiers is a nice touch.


If i think of it, i think youre right. I will not remove the fighter planes from the upcoming night version. :slight_smile: but i think reducing the gunshot sounds, and replacing them with less gunshots in the distance from far away, as well as adding more calm night sounds is a good idea. What do you think?

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Having options won’t hurt. Only make your hangar more pleasing to a wider audience.

Have diferent versions, and let people choose.

You can upload various versions, and people will choose the best one for them


I uploaded the full version with, action and battle atmosphere and sounds and all kinds of weather.

I want to make the second version a night one and a little calmer (sound wise, the planes will still fly around)

Dont you think uploading another second exact same night version as well would be too much? I meam the only differenxe would be the battle ambience instead of the night one…


Will you announce here when the night version is uploaded? I would love it

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Awesome stuff as always, Scav!

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As always, great works of art, great people.

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