BAR M1918 50 rounds

On the Russian Wikipedia it says about the existence of a 50 charging magazine for BAR 1918. There are not many photos of high-capacity stores on the Internet. Most of them are on Reddit, where people claim that these magazines are designed for 40 rounds.

But I am very confused by this photo:

It seems that he is bigger than the others, and generally different.

I decided to compare them.

It’s not neat, but you can see that this magazine is bigger than the others.It seems that it is designed for 50 rounds. Is there any information about this magazine?

Sorry for my English.


Forget it, I found an even cooler one. BAR M1918 with belt power:

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Marines used 1918A2 with field modification megazine, who is it’s just two 20rd mag fused togheter

the issued 40rd mag instead was used for anti air job, it never field 50rd magazine


Oh, I’m aware of this, I think it would fit perfectly into the game!There is something similar for the Zb 26:

Do you mean at least some mass production? Because the magazine in the topic is clearly larger than those designed for 40 rounds.

You showed the 40 rd megazine as I sayed it never used a 50rd one never American tested it, This is from the book you posted, who also say the 40rd megazine was discontinued in 1927

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Do you think there’s a 40 round here too?

Dev’s…Add a 40 round mag to the BAR’s…Do it NOW. :yum:

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Is a 40rd is written in the description of the photo to if you search it on Google, I bet the prospective is off with the rifle butt near the camera and the barrel far away who make look the mag bigger than is it

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… wow, even more US stuff. T20, Stinger and now this? And tomorrow the atomic bomb?

People rant about unbalanced playerbases/teams and some smart guy asks for THIS weapon. Smart, so smart.

(If a german main had asked for 100rd MG34/42s or at least a CORRECT rof, decent autoloaders for BR II or balanced cap speed/no ticket nerf, they would instantly be roflstomped by allied mains. Funny how the rocket artillery unit for the german team is the LAST to be unlocked).

But yes. Give US even more crazy stuff because they sUfFeR - and dont forget USSR, dear developers.

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