Balancing the economy

The economy of the old Enlisted was built in such a way that by the time the player unlocked new campaign levels, he had enough orders in his account to buy weapons and equipment. This was a carefully calculated balance of progression, typical for many similar games.

With the release of the merge and the new currency that combined the old orders, this principle has not changed in any way - we just adapted the economy to the new single currency. The appearance of individual research tree branches allows you to unlock interesting weapons faster than before - skipping certain branches with content that you do not plan to use yet. We are trying to adjust the balance to keep player progression interesting at every stage.

Thank your for your feedback! We’ve also discussed it with you in separate large topics and want to please you with some changes in the economy, useful for both beginners and active commanders with large armies.


Changing the price of upgrades was one of the most popular suggestions in the discussions and it’s the biggest source of your expenses when the goal is to create an uncompromisingly effective army. We are significantly reducing the price of weapon and vehicle upgrades to the first four stars - this will make life easier for newcomers.


The amount of Silver in the daily login reward will also increase significantly.

A player usually starts to upgrade his weapons after he has finished equipping his army with basic weapons, and an actively progressing commander needs a lot of them. Any inflow of Silver in this situation is very useful, especially for beginners.

Now even the most basic daily reward won’t just be a nice bonus, but at least one weapon or a couple of upgrades.

By the way, this is not the first step to expand the ways you can earn Silver - we’ve recently added a lot of new achievements with Silver rewards. You’ll find them by clicking on your profile.

We will implement all the described changes in the near future.

Once again, we would like to say thank you to everyone participating in these big discussions - and for your concern about new players before the start of Enlisted: Reinforced’s testing on Steam. Let’s continue to make Enlisted better together!


As far as I remember, the last upgrade for T3 weapon cost me around 3,8k (with discount from upgrades).

Why is that not reflected in your graphics? I am very confused.

The most expensive thing is not going to be changed or what?


I would be lying if I said that will suddenly solve all of the issues of the economy, but this is a nice start.
Please increase the amount silver rewarded in the Battle Pass.


Why not changing all upgrade costs?
And it also doesnt adress the prices for buying weapons and earning silvers normally. And the BP isnt addressed at all.


they said the 4 first star so 5 and 6 are unchanged i believe


Please tell me that this is just a April Fool’s joke


Well, that’s kinda pointless change then.

Literally 300 silvers difference, thank you DF. Very generous of you.


I noticed that many weapons were almost unaffected by this economic balancing. For example MP40 only got 300(180 if u have perk) silver cheaper.


300 silver less for upgrading most guns (seriously, only discount for the first upgrade is a joke) and 500 more for login bonus. This change is too insignificant to have any impact on the current silver economy. Your first step is too small to call it an improvement.


Do you have any thoughts on addressing the economic issues present in this game? It’s not certain that increasing the silver supply per match will necessarily improve the game. It’s not about expanding the silver supply, but rather reducing the silver requirements for each research? What exactly should be done? Do developers even play the game in the first place? Why aren’t they accommodating what users want to such an extent? Why?


Keep in mind that prices are shown without a 40% discount.


yeah about that.

the discount isnt showing in game as it used.


So basially reducing the cost of no guns, they were already cheap.

Problem is MP40 on tier II is 6-star weapon just like STG44, and those guns won’t have much cheaper upgrades in those changes.
You just cut cost from tier few tier I guns, tier II is still as expensive to upgrade as end of reasearch tree guns

And the 500 from 300 silver from daily is just spitting in players face lol


As said in another thread, while those are a nice touch, it looks odd that all achievements (except for a pair of them rewarding with gold orders, that are VERY appreciated) reward with a standard amount of 1000 silver, despite some being noticeably harder or long-term than others.


yea especially that 100 AT mine one

seem like only the jap faction can do that since their ATIM Ni05 is really good for this

So still pointless excluding for cheap T1 weapons.
Was this really the best after months of merge?


Are you kidding me?


Even if you complete all those new achievements, the silver you receive is not enough to purchase 3 fully upgraded FG42
Surely, it’s better than nothing.


From my perspective, this so-called “balancing the economy” has not changed anything of real significance.

Not worth of seperate announcement/news topic.


Damn I thought that April fools was on April 1st, not on March 27th. I get to learn more every day.