Armory: New challenge!

Yeah, that’s true xD

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so how many lvl you gonna grind per day? i was thinking of doing maybe 5 lvl per day

Idk, last time I was able to complete similar event (the one with mp41r) in 2-3 days.
But I don’t remember exactly.

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i see usually i stay in stalingrad since i got a lot of point for carrying axis there but it does get annoying sometime good for these event tho since i can get an average of 5k per match

@Valkay recommended me to play tunisia axis yesterday since they’re back alive for moment.
He was right and I was able to get another 3 180k campaign levels yesterday. So I will stay there.

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oh didnt know they are back i got stomp for 2 day and i thought they were gone after the paratrooper drop nice im gonna go there for italian stuff im really close to my R75 and that italian smg i think it call orita something i forgot but it really good

Nah, that’s premium (hungarian I think, but I am really not sure) in Stalingrad.

Love it! Thank you for not limiting daily progress or resetting points between days!

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oh i swear it was call orita in tunisia too oh well im gonna see what it call later when the event went live

wait but if the Costa Rican version is gold and this is an event weapon does this mean that we won’t have the Breda PG for the tech tree or is it a third version?

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pretty sure this one isnt a burst one it only have semi auto

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Here you go, friend

Btw, I really do not like this smg. It isnt good even as a meme.


The event weapon Breda PG will be in search tree I think because mortar m2 they put on search tree

ah so that what they are call i guess i kinda like how it look like a rod and slim

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9 man Breda Infantry squad coming up!!!..(depending how many gold orders there are!)


Two version of the breda pg exist

  • Breda PG modello 1935 was the first one produced and is this one in the event armory event, the carcano in the name come from the usage of carcano round instead of the mauser

  • the Breda PG used by costa rica army who was modified for full and burst fire an is a gold order

No other version exist but most probably in the progression tree maybe we get one of the two already released with a 10rd round instead of 20rd one


The Italian guy looks absolutely faaaabulous with his sunglasses and feather helm.

It’s a cool lil event.

Note: I prefer this to other events. Because while it’s fomo content, at least those are not entire squads and mechanics locked behind the event. Those are like gold order weapons, they can be bypassed without loosing an entire feature, like paratroopers.

It’s good.


18,000xp to unlock all, 22,500xp per day if my math is correct.
So x2.25 harder. But since We can do as much as we want, I can deal with this.
Though 15,000xp per day would have been better for those who work.

Very happy to see a new event with other Italian content !

But for the love of god give us time to breathe XD