Armory: New challenge!

The testing of unique and interesting weapons continues! This time you will find two new, completely different types of weapons on the shooting range. Are you waiting for special instructions, commander? It’s extremely simple - fight!

From October 25th (13:00 UTC) to November 2nd (13:00 UTC) demonstrate your skills in battles and be the first to receive exclusive rewards reserved for the best of the best.

The rules are extremely simple: earn battle points and unlock new reward levels! Each new level requires 5000 battle points and earns you a reward. The most valuable event rewards await you at each sixth unlocked level.

Each day you can unlock as many levels as you want.


You can choose which weapon you want to get and in which campaign. The orders received in the event can be exchanged for rewards in the Shop.

Breda PG (Carcano)

Breda PG (Carcano) available in the Battle of Tunisia campaign («Axis»)

This semi-automatic rifle was developed in Italy for the 6.5x52 round and was considered by the army as a candidate for adoption along with other similar weapons.

This rifle is remarkable not only because of its low recoil, convenient sights, and a decent capacity detachable magazine with 20 rounds, but also because even though it was supposedly produced in small numbers, it ended up serving Italian soldiers on the front lines.

Voevodin pistol

Voevodin pistol available in the Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Berlin campaigns (Allies)

This pistol, which had been under development since the early 30s, was supposed to replace the Tokarev pistol in production and even began to be produced in small batches, but the war between the USSR and Germany prevented mass production.

The Voevodin design was not only more reliable and had less recoil due to the increased weight of the pistol, but also had a double-stack magazine with 18 rounds. The caliber and killing power remained at the same level as the TT.


Reaching level 18 and 30 awards a thematic portrait. These, as well as the event weapons, will remain in your collection forever!

Italian rifleman

Italian rifleman

For earning 90 000 battle points.

British radio operator

British radio operator

For earning 150 000 battle points.


  • Maximum number of levels you can unlock is 50. You can purchase levels for Gold unlimitedly.
  • Each day you can unlock any number of levels.
  • The tasks need to be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From November 2nd (13:00 UTC) to November 3rd (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event,you will be able to purchase main rewards for Gold.

Breda looking sexy, grabbing all 4 :ok_hand:t3:


oh wow these are looking good

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They really do pushing Tunisia Axis theme really hard recently. Very cool, time for change.


im going to get 3 of those breda and 1 pistol since i do like the pistol but it not good enough to buy 2 of those when i can get 3 20round breda

note: after seeing that the pistol have 18 round im tempted to buy 2 of them now


oh also a british radio operator? i mean imo it should be russian something but whatever portrait are portrait and it 5k without restriction

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Wow…I picked the right month to do Axis Tunisia.

soooooo loaded now


so you are high lvl axis rn in tunisia?

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18 round pistol and 20 round semi auto?

Legit top tier gear, most likely gonna be the best pistol in the game.


I quite like the fact that the Italian is the biggest badass, but the Brit looks like some pub bum who hasn’t been fed for a month.
Definitely not bias nor intentional. :>


“Each day you can unlock as many levels as you want.”

Time to grind!


woah i didnt even see the 18 round holy that is interesting tempting to buy 2 now for me

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definitely gonnd try axis tunisia when the event went live gotta get that R75 and ither italian stuff and probably continue stalingrad axis for the pistol since stalingrad axis give lot of point

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Yes! Thank you so much, for bringing this progression mechanic back! Looking forward in using the Breda! :grin:


I would as well, but I play 95% only axis.


-Tries to keep calm-

-Fails badly-



yea me too but i do play moscow allie a lot so i could use it there and if i touch stalingrad allie then there too i guess

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Two longs events at the same time. And Enlisted Birthday coming up. Cool cool cool

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One week really isnt that long for enlisted.

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i guess but it does feel long especially when waiting for something

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