Anyone else think that BR III Allies are just as effective as BR V?

Now, obviously BR V is supposed to be “better” than BR III, but honestly outside of maybe ease of use/hand holding there isn’t much that they are better at. The M2 Carbine is full auto, so it’s easier to spray and pray your way to kills as well as having really low recoil from the .30 Carbine ammunition. Obviously, it is easier to use than the M1 Garand. However, the M1 can be used about as effectively as well as having a much longer effective range

The Thompson’s just get recoil changes and a bigger mag, so it’s much more forgiving with full auto and missed shots

And the M1919A6 and BAR. This is the big one. I might honestly prefer the BAR for my playstyle. It’s more mobile and easier to get on target and stay on target. Sure, 20 rounds vs 100 rounds should really be a no brainer, but far as I can tell I can do just as good if not even better with the BAR over the M1919A6

Anyone else wanna chime in on their opinion?

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Mmmh there’s John lmg at tier IV (real laser. I accept no substitute) the grip tommy, that is really good is also tier IV… and m2 at tier V…

And a sniper Garand that really shouldn’t be tier V…

Br 5 will be more interesting with Pershings.

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And dont forget OP Tier V 76mm Sherman.


P-47 is pretty good


I was thinking about the guns, but yes all of these are also dope. I have developed a deep love for the Pershing over time, the 3” AT gun is always a hard hitter, and the P-47 is the king of the sky bar none

Well when I want to play Allies BR5 I basically take my BR3 setup with .30 cal Tommies, M1 Garands and BAR, then add Vickers Paras, P-47 and 76mm Sherman and that’s it.

Not a fan of fantasy M2 Carbine anyway.

Just grinding towards the M1919.

Not too big on the M2 myself. Those that can have an M1 Garand with AT Nade thrower have em

Most of US weapons are just garbage
All you need is M2 Carbine, the destroyer of worlds, now that basically everyone can equip it
Outside of that you basically have to use gold order/event stuff.
Lanchester 50 is the best USA SMG you can have.
Got 2x T20 for the two engineers in that squad, although its annoying having to manually switch them to semi every time
I think i have like, 1 semiauto and 1 bolt action sniper rifle for MG emplacement enjoyers
I actually prefer the BSA paras instead of the moronic LMG ones

Outside of that its the P47 and the Corsair. I still have the P-51D-5 and a Spitfire in my line

Anything else is just cringe, so I’m not surprised you feel that US br5 kinda sucks lmao

The bar get out of mag really quickly should get 1 more mag by default

Oh no it doesn’t suck. I just think BR III gun wise has the full potential to perform just as good as BR V. I love just about all US guns in this game

So long as you keep at least 1 AI alive or have your engie around to build ammo boxes, you can keep giving yourself ammo. Plus sometimes it’s really fun to pick up an enemy gun and start going off on them

I agree, i ofter play br3 with Mustang to kill bigger german tanks, battles more fun, also might get tunisia, but br4 is also fun and you may get pacific (instead of Tunisia).

Cant say the same for german br 3, I have to have a para counter, so play br4

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I would highly suggest to give the M1919A6 an honest try. Use a pistol, flask and an axe and there you go! It works fine for me and I am a very aggressive player. The kind of stopping power that this weapon has is incomparable. I cannot even think of clearing an entire objective of 10-15 soldiers as effortlessly with the BAR as with the .30 cal. Plus because of its non-existent recoil you can literally snipe people standing upright with that thing. The only problem is the ADS speed but just roam around with a pistol, play intuitively and then spray and pray. This thing is broken. Period. This coupled with the M2 carbine gives a tremendous boost to BR V Allies.

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A man of culture :handshake:

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As far as riflemen go, i always prefered the garand over the m2 carbine anyway (so yes br 3 better for riflemen)

Johnson machinegun wrecks, so br 4 better there

I dont enjoy the thompsons…would rather take a grease gun/british options and i do.

Cant say anything really appeals to me at br 5. (Except premiums. Firefly and tempest)

Super pershing might be the first tech tree thing i care for at BR 5

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Oh I know, I love the M19196 if for nothing more than it’s literally a mini M2 Browning, and it does put work it. I just feel the BAR gives me much more maneuverability

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I find the British guns to be very underwhelming. Especially in damage. Sure the Lanchester has a good ROF and has practically no recoil to boot, but it just doesn’t put a man down as quickly as any Thompson

Yep. Can’t deny that. But I like to bring that huge stopping power to BR V.

Yeah. Definitely a full BR V lineup has its appeal. Can’t deny that one bit. Drum Thompson’s, M9, M1919A6, M2 Carbine, M1 w/AT Nade, all that fun stuff

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Yep. On top of that we are going to get an AR soon.