Anniversary of the M1911’s adoption by the US Army

113 years ago - on March 29th, 1911 - the U.S. Army formally adopted the M1911 pistol as its standard-issue sidearm.

Over the years of its service, it has become more than just an ordinary pistol - a true legend. Its reliability has been tested by generations of soldiers, and its design still looks very modern to this day. Not to mention, its improved versions and variants using different calibers are still being sold and used by armies around the world! It’s the perfect opportunity to get a unique M1911 for yourself in Enlisted!

From March 28th (13:00 UTC) to March 31st (13:00 UTC) you can get rewards for completing tasks.

For the 5th and 7th completed task, you will receive a Nickel Plated Colt M1911A1!


Stage 1:

  • Kill 8 enemies using a pistol.
  • Kill 15 enemies with headshots.
  • Complete 2 battles.

Stage 2:

  • Kill 10 enemies using a pistol.
  • Kill 30 enemies with headshots.
  • Complete 3 battles.

Stage 3:

  • Kill 50 enemies.
  • Kill 15 enemies using a pistol.
  • Complete 4 battles.


  • The tasks can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • The list of tasks is updated every day at 13:00 UTC.
  • Tasks can be completed simultaneously.
  • Uncollected rewards will disappear when the tasks change.
  • From March 31st to April 1st (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards.


Isn’t today March 28 also the Steam (closed beta restricted access) Release Day?

:metal::star_struck: :+1:

Daily lock meh. :pensive: But shiny gun. :heart_eyes:


Not the announcement I was expecting, but a welcome one nonetheless


ay yo actually easy quest? dam im getting these for sure (time to use my pistol sword)

Dope! I love me some good ol .45 ACP!

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Are you going to ever fix the reload animation of the M1911? The slide doesn’t come back when all rounds have been fired. Also on a partial reload, you pull the slide back which would eject a round. There would be no need to pull the slide back if there is already a round in the chamber.


Another John Wick mission, meh

German platinum luger when?



I never have enough of that beautiful piece!


  • it’s written 5* and 7* meaning, do we unlock 2 of them if we do all tasks?
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My disappointment can’t be put into words. Is LF too easy?

steam is 20 euros and no squads to be seen yet in gaijin net store or steam

Nice. But next time give us some Blued Hi-Powers? Will you?


Colt M1911 it is in for the true man.
All Enlisted players who are true men need to get it.


yes and now i will have more of them

Never had the opportunity to get one, so I am excited to get some!

I already got 2 so I must warn you:

You might have the urge to use it instead of your more effective main weapon, just because you look cool doing so. Beware! :laughing:

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I will happily do so as the stopping power of the .45 ACP will put anything down💪

Be careful, I gave some to my sniper guy and ended up trying to snipe with it instead of my rifle, then just charging ahead.

(At least 1911 is possibly the best sidearm do it was still effective)