Allows players who play custom mods for more than 1 hour in one day to grinding limitted XP and complete daily battlepass tasks

If you want to increase the number of players who are active online at the same time

Allows players who play custom mods for more than 1 hour in one day to grinding limitted XP and complete daily battlepass tasks

Very simple logic, players have spent time playing this game, and 1 hour is not short.

Then allow them to at least gain some experience and complete quests for the battle pass.


sounds good.

Would love to try out customs (and yours is right at the top of my to do list), But mostly been on for events recently


yes, but at the same time, no.

yes, sounds good, but no, it will end up being exploited.
as, you haven’t really explained how it should work, or what will happen.

primarely the issues would be, people grinding the same mod over and over.
the second issue, is somewhat related to the previous one.
not all mods are balanced and you can’t really give xps for just playing them.

my pves would be an example.
some of them might even take several hours to complete.

and for much i’d like it, it wouldn’t work too much just like the day one custom matches.

second, what would be the xp factors? how would you determine that?.

which leads, if you want to do that, perhaps the featured mods, but even there, dubbieus at best.

and that’s why they made this post in the first place:

which most likely will be tweaked by devs.

and all regulated accordingly.

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Each mission needs to be approved by devs. It also shouldn’t require too much extra work from the developer’s side or it will not be validated.

Very pity is that.

The above two replies completely misunderstood the content of this topic from the wrong direction.

They all assume that players will definitely use these to do certain experience farm things. Maybe.

But the above two replies ignore the content about the limitation and time limit described in the topic of this article.

While I didn’t come up with a specific example, I think it’s the right direction to discuss what constraints would allow players to get the right amount of XP in custom mods and complete battle pass quests.

For example, after a player plays a custom game for 1 hour, he can get no more than 3000XP from it, which is a very low value, as compensation for not wasting time in arcade games.

For example, when a player has played for more than 1 hour, he can complete 3 passes and event tasks from the custom room.

This way you doesn’t require auditing the content of any mods, since the player has already spent the time and whatever he does in the mod is worth paying him game time as a reward

I see what you mean. So if a player spends X amount of time in a modded lobby, it should get limited XP/in game currency?
Also you can already complete tasks in Custom non modded battles. (which is way easier against bots of course)

There is a major flaw in this one; (IMHO)

Why would I the player spend an hour in a custom battle to grind a campaign level, when i can get the same amount or more XP, in less time in regular battles? Of course there are players who don’t grind just play, 1 or 2 matches and call it day, but most people who play Gaijin’s products…


I have all the squads and equipment i sought after in the game. Maybe i would play on these terms because it wouldn’t matter that much. (I personally don’t even care about XP gain because of the aformentioned reason.)

It would certainly bump CB numbers a little. But nothing significant.

Summed up: Not a bad idea, but i like this one more: Your missions in events

Also sorry to bother you but any news about that @ChuchaDrucha?

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This is not a feature designed to attract players to play. Rather it is used to compensate players who like to spend their time playing their favourite mods.

They are willing to spend time playing their favorite mode for even less XP. better than nothing.

For those who don’t want to play arcade mode at all

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Doing daily tasks and paratrooper activity tasks every day is very tiring, and there is no time to play with the mod.

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