All the assault rifles the new German assault engineer event squad can equip

Nothing too crazy here just a picture of all of the German ARs (+Luftwaffe Drilling) you can equip on a progression squad, all equipped on the new event squad.

  1. StG44
  2. Mp43/1
  3. Mkb42(H), base weapon of the squad, they came max upgraded (nice treat)
  4. Mkb42(W), same as the (H) version just BP exclussive
  5. Mkb35/III, a BP weapon that is no longer in BP shop
  6. Luftwaffe Drilling, there was nothing else to equip on him

Do you have them all?


There are also StG45 and Horn StG ARs but you cant unequip them from their respective squads.

Anyway, nice squad.
You can potentially equip 6 StG44 on them for BR5 or 4 Mkb35/III and 2 M30 Luftwaffe Drillings for BR2, I doubt that anyone would have 4 MkB35s lying around just for this opportunity though.


We have the weapons of stalingrad but not the squads and their unique layouts of medics.

And whenever the Soviets get their new toys we get the problem they try to stop in the first place and blame the problem on Germany when it was actually the Soviets with Fedorov and they also come with 10% damage reduction body armor as well.

So overall have fun getting head shots unless you actually have a full caliber weapon against the Soviets.

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German squad´s helmet also had damage reduction :slightly_smiling_face:
Getting 6 max upgraded Fedorovs might be a little overkill considering that Fedorov is arguably both the best weapon and AR of the game. But at the same time, players need to put more work to get the Soviet squad so…

Its a shame that the squad cant have AT though.

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Prone mode with these guys will be very useful especially holding down door ways or one way entrance

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helmets with some sort of damage reduction doesn’t mean anything in close quarter combat and it only makes a difference if I want to be a sniper elite player sitting in some building God knows how far away from the objective.

The only good thing about these helmets is if you’re fighting the Americans and If you’re fighting the Soviets they have plenty of weapons to mow you down and they’re not short of weapons with large magazines or weapons that hit harder than STG.



We wouldn’t have this problem if there wasn’t any damage reduction body armor in the first place

I already made a suggestion that these should be removed since cosmetic items should be cosmetic only, but some people are unwilling to give up their toys.


We have to die eventually what you want these guys to be wolfenstein super soldiers. I for once will finally try use those awful build mg nest more with this squad as head only part that mostly exposed when using any mg nest. I would say this squad probably shines more on defensive playstyle wether defending or holding on a point in very key post like I said door ways or one way entrance if provided

So that’s why it’s pointless to even have a stupid helmet

No I just want simple body armor for all factions or no body armor at all and just have it just cosmetic and keep in mind that helmet ain’t gonna protect you from a Fedorov or PPSH.


I only have 1 Mkb35/III so this squad seems not too interesting for low BR. If that weapon comes back I’d use GO to get a few more and run the squad.

High BR it can be powerful but there are SO many powerful squads it seems lost in the mix.

Nice squad though. Nice haul with upgraded weapons for an event!



But as you state for the ppsh and fedorov wouldn’t you agree too that if given body armor we would still die bit faster as these two weapons do shred especially that fedorov. I agree with you though body armor would be more preferred as close combat in battles is the most effective way to guarantee a win for your team. Squad hasn’t been out for long let see how these fng pan out. If they are garbage as you claim to be I owe you an apology lol. Remrber head has a small hit box if you play smart as I pointed out in past reply you can be very lethal on the battle field.

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Body armor will help to give a few extra seconds to return fire but overall the Soviets are the best Faction for close quarters combat and have the best weapons for it.

Playing smart does not mean much against zerg rushing Soviets especially if they’re using nine man squads fully equipped in body armor and all the life saving perks in the game.

but overall this is from a perspective of a Sweat Lord who would do anything it takes to win

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i thought the maximum possible Mkb35 were 3? I still wish they can use SMG so they can be used at low BR.

Also, the soldiers don’t have free skill reset, again the same thing happened to the AT-44 and Horn squads.

I disagree with you on your playing smart claim. Any game and in life smart decision making is never useless. But I do agree on your point for body armor availability and is better as you said. Let me try play with them myself if bad as you say don’t worry I won’t forget that apology

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So no SMGs?