All my VG2s are gone

And of course i have to pay the inflated price to get them back.
yay merge


Vg2s are trash…

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10 round mag, detachable magazine with quick reload. One of the best bolt-action rifle of the game.


bruh the accuracy when aiming is terrible

i like em

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i lost my vg 2s too!

he isn’t the brightest member.

don’t worry too much about it.

but yeah, i can confirm too i’m missing my fully upgraded vg 2s.

i had something like, 10, only 4 remained

it doesnt matter. I paid for them and now they are gone

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Volk tax?

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:frowning: do be hitting hard for real

sucks that i only have 20k and can’t make my full volkssturm echelon III line up.

just stating my opinion

no one cares about the opinion of someone on a thread where it’s being actively reported items are missing.

is that hard to get?

he labeled it under the mess room though… should’ve reported it on bugs page

Yes. let’s all sweep it under a rug on some bug report page, after all the game is tested and all polished up, move along and nothing to see comrade, right???


guess the devs won’t read this then lol

What the hell happened yo vg2’s really ?
Now we have to grind to purchase and upgrade them dammit

I reported it anyway altought i think we both know how useful is it

I losted 4 full upgraded vg2+ some none upgraded one

It’s not a bug, they’ve been replaced by Gewehr 33/40’ // Issues

Bruh, why?

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