AA counters planes (yeah sure)

15min of impossible to counter plane spam. High BR is so fun!

(Yes I could have gone for wings yada yada yada. But imo it requires not proportional efford in comparison to a dude fluting straight with brain turned off.)


I wouldn’t be so sure. I see some use AA to great effect. (Probably the “clannies”)

Their damage etc is fine. Most of the time I don’t have a problem to stop a plane…
But here I’m not sure what is the issue. At one point we had 2-3 guys doing AA things and a fighter plane. Still enemy bombed us to oblivion. I guess it’s simply the volume of planes in combination with rockets that can be released from 100s of meters and “bypass” the AA.

I guess maybe someone can write a suggestion about how disable plane weaponry if it goes in flame, or get a critical hit on the cockpit


i mean as someone who sometime use AA i would say it do decent enough but it cant prevent the first strike tho (but then again im not that good so probably my skill issue)

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The better suggestion here.


This proves literally nothing. Just one of many possible scenarios/outcomes.

When you’re in a plane and shooting at another plane, sometimes also a larger number of hits from a 20mm cannon won’t fatally damage the other plane. But sometimes you destroy it with the first hit.

So literally one single encounter is not really a valid foundation for an argument.

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More like one match but overall yes.

Ah shit, here we go again.

Unlucky run? I dont use AA much (because i love doing it in a fighter) but i have always found it to be lethal when i do.


As a suicide vehicle lover
I’m pretty sure we need 4-barreled anti-aircraft guns or even large-caliber anti-aircraft guns and automatic anti-aircraft units.
These things can effectively fight against aircraft without a good pilot


Unless you can kill pilot/explode the plane it won’t change a thing.

Problem is not the lethality of AA but… I don’t know what tbh.
But 3 ppl fighting planes not being able to stop one dude who literary flies straight for the whole match is not ok by any means. Something is clearly wrong but I’m not sure what.

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Airfields would solve that shit :slight_smile:



I was about to link it till I saw you already did.

AA is fine… what you encountered @VoyoMayPL , is low talent suicide bomb/rocket spam…

Once, I met a guy who spammed a rocket p38, a p47, and the event p47 with m8.




AA or fighters trying to counter wouldn’t change a thing against those no talent flaw abusers.

Airfields, would, thought.


More or less the same situation. Plane after plane after plane after plane…
I can’t reload my AA fast enough. Not to mention enemy infantry shooting at me.

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