A Suggestion about the BR system and its queue

There have been many complaints about the BR system, some say that they saw BR1 fighting against BR4 and many more. So, to start solving this problem i suggest that the UI is perfectly clear about what is your team BR and what are your Squads BR. just puting your BR at the top of the screen (when you pass your mouse over the nation icon) and at the queue pop up while you are waiting for a match is not near enought.

Other thing i notice is that few people is talking about how, per exemple, when you have a single squad of BR3 while all your others squads are of BR1 and BR2, you are being put in the BR3 queue. To solve this problem i propose two things:
i) have a big pop up for the player when he start the queue warning that the player is about to enter a game as BR3 while still using squads that are bellow BR3. (this could be that kind of pop up that have a check box saying “i dont want to see this again”)

ii) prevent the player from starting a queue if the player have squad with high difference in BR; per exemple , prevent a player from starting a queue if the player have one squad BR1, two squads BR2 and one squad BR4. them you could have a pop up explaining what happened.

And, at last, about the problematic BR3. I dont have any idea of how to solve this huge problem, but there is something that can be done to mitigate it. I propose that BR1 and BR2 players only play against BR1 and BR2 players; excluding BR3 players from ever playing with/against BR1 and BR2 players. Why do i say that ? Because BR3 vehicles are way too over power for BR1 and BR2 vehicles and weapons to handle (BR3 weapons are not that over power). A more in-depth analysis of the situations is how people play as a tank in the game, the more experience tank players stay put in a far away place (far away from the enemy, preferably in an out of reach place (like the gray zone for the enemy)) and shoot at any enemy that appears; when we add that to the high armor BR3 tanks ( like the KV1 and Panzer IV J), we have a situation in which the only way for the BR3 tank to be destroyed is to: 1) another BR3 tank destroy it, 2) a BR3 tank destroyer squand manage to bazooke the BR3 tank to smithereens, 3) pray for the player of the BR3 tank be dumb and wait for the BR3 tank be in the middle of the battle and them TNT it to smithereens (or wait for it to pass above an anti-tank mine).

This last propose is very important, because imagine how new player feel when they are going to play enlisted again, but now this new player can´t get to far in the map because there is an indestructible tank acroos the map killing all soldiers that tried to walk to objetive or that alredy are at the objetive; or when someone appears with this new weapon never seen before (in all the matchs of the new player), the flamethrower and wipe out full squads within seconds. I dont think that new players are happy to face it.

here the opinion of one new player The Merge made me quit the game ( new player )


I think the important point is in the numbers of weapons

MM Rating should count the number of weapons and place players with similar numbers of weapons together.

Even without changing the current BR queue, they can still sort the number of weapons.

For exampe you can sort player in existed BR345 queue or BR45 queue

But if they really start to consider the number of weapons, there is no need for such a strict queue anymore.

The bold text above is just to block the naughty statement of some trolls who claim that carrying high-level weapons into low-level BR rooms will ruin the game. Even in the current BR, they cannot handle the contents of Soviet paratrooper boxes.

The number of weapons is the most important

The idea of requiring players to unload their weapons to lower BR is completely unrealistic. Enlisted’s regular matches are squad games based on multiple weapon combinations

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Hell know why they didn’t learn from war thunder, your BR rank is base on how many weapon you bring but not just affected by a single weapon

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