400 round Lewis MG



I don’t know if it would really be feasible for a mobile machine gunner, but it would certainly be a cool buildable MG for British Squads

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How do you even aim that?
Do you just point it somewhere and hope the enemy walks into it XD?
But on the plus side the mag will also protect the gunner from beeing shot at just like a gun shield would.


The King will guide your shots.
But seriously, probably an emplacement gun meant to work with a spotter and shitload of tracers to adjust aim “to around here”, or like the German MG Lafette, which could mount a periscope and extended trigger that allowed the gunner to shoot from cover.

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If you read you can find out that it was made for aicraft.

Got something more mobile and feasible to carry and shoot

So you put the tripod ontop of a wing or how is that supposed to work on an airplane?

yes because none of the guns with spare ammo weigh 40 to 60 pounds

Mg42 with 3000 round belt when?

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Obviously the tripod comes off

So you are talking about a completely different configuration of that gun and not the one that has that tripod that I was asking about…

Just read the text on the picture bro